Spring Vineyards

Summer Interlude

Act Now to Save Abruzzo's Bears

Stephen the Bear

Act Now to Save Abruzzo’s Bears

Only 1.3k people of Abruzzo's 1.3 million population have endorsed its local bear charity: help build awareness where locals are failing Abruzzo's bears
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Un Viaggio nel tempo Abruzzo

Homage to Estella Canziani’s Abruzzi & Free Book Giveaway

Un Viaggio nel tempo Abruzzo, an engaging photographic companion to Estella Canziani's elusive 1st edition Through the Apennines and the lands of the Abruzzi
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Grand Whittling Looks

Stirring Polenta

A Humorous Abruzzo Life in Miniature

Bravo Bellante's Dino Di Silvestre for his hand carved and whittled take on rural life
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Averting Basta Pasta

Going Local vs Going Loco – Tips for Ex-Pats

I’m not sure what tops my ex-pat “basta pasta” list, those frustrating or aggravating things in Italy that send me a little loopy
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Stuffing When the Cupboard is Bare

Zucchini blossoms © Lucciola.me

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers with Fried Cheese, Capers and Mint

Taking up the cookery challenge from Nonna next-door of my favourite summer dish, deep fried stuffed zucchini flowers
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