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Abruzzo Blue Flag Beaches


Abruzzo – Guilianova, Italy

We’re so lucky  that we have over half of the very best of Abruzzo’s , i.e. all Blue Flag, all within a 50 minute drive: Alba Adriatica, Pineto, Silvi, Giulianova, Martinsicuro,Roseto degli Abruzzo.

Why Blue Flag Beaches are SO Important to the environment….

Blue Flag beaches act as a standard and help encourage other less clean and tidy councils to move forward and adopt the same high standards, which in affect promote marine and seabird life rather than suffocate it.

To be awarded a Blue Flag the Council must spend a minimum of 400 hours a week removing rubbish from the sand and have adequately available waste bins that offer recycling. This is beneficial not just for your walk along the beach, but for countering the littering due to over-flowing waste bins, thereby lessening the chances of the remains of ‘your day at the beach’ poisoning the local sea and animal life.

A Blue Flag beach must have public toilet facilities and a free water supply nearby which ensures that you do not have to ‘buy’ something in order to go to the loo or have a quick drink of water.

Lastly and most importantly for those of you that love dipping your toes in the sea, paddling or swimming and don’t fancy the idea of the water being infused with how can we put this nicely…human poo – Blue Flag beaches guarantee that the local water contains no more than 500 total coliforms (bacteria) per 100 ml of water and no more than 100 faecal coliforms (human sewage) per 100 ml of water.   Imagine too how that translates into how much better the local seafood and fish taste without in affect your shit!

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