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Abruzzo In Pictures – A Photographer’s Paradise

Campotosto at Sunset

Watch the Flickr Group Slideshow of the Essence of  Abruzzo

How do you capture the essence of life in Abruzzo?  Is it the people that live here, the animals, its hill-top villages & towns?   It could be the portrayal of its contrasting Adriatic coastline against the rugged Gran Sasso & smooth Majella Mountains. Life here is organic & seasonal, hard but happy. Perhaps it is its peace and all encompassing beauty that makes everyone become so passionate about Abruzzo that they long to return to even when far away.

We thought we’d let the people of Abruzzo, and visitors to her provinces of Chieti, L’Aquila, Pescara or Teramo, show what they believe is the essence of Abruzzo, courtesy of our new Flickr group lifeinabruzzoWatch their slideshow give an inside view of .  The standard of photography is so high, across a wide range of subject matter that explores the landscape, the food, the animals, flora & fauna and the people of Abruzzo.

A single photograph can inspire you to visit a place for a short break or holiday, alternatively they can invoke a memory of generations past and times gone.  Whatever your reason for looking at their inspiring slideshow of Abruzzo, have fun and if you would like to contribute please do join the group and submit your photos; help show everyone how Abruzzo is not just a magical place with beautiful scenery but a region in Italy that teems with life.

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