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Abruzzo Motorway Mouse Talk

Mouse TalkIt’s not often that you can rave about a motorway with a , but Abruzzo’s autostrada that leads from Teramo to Rome is one of those special roads with enchanting views, even though it has the reputation for being one of Italy’s most expensive in the sense of its tolls.

My favourite stretch is from Colledara (San Gabriele) in the lead up to entering the 10km stretch of the Gran Sasso Tunnel, along past Assergi where you jump off for Campo Imperatore (Abruzzo’s Little Tibet) and out through to L’Aquila Est.  The mountain and clouds formations on this stretch are always wonderful and as psychedelic as you want them to be; during our last car journey we witnessed mousey! It’s a way to sample Abruzzo’s different climes, often what you experience either side of the Corno Grande itself and the tunnel is hugely different and not even  part of the region’s official 2 maritime and mountainous  climates.

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