Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Primo – Pasta/Rice/Soup

Annamaria’s Aromatic Pasta Tomato Sauce (Sugo)

Stuck with dreary tomatoes instead of a jar of sun-drenched pera d’Abruzzo tomatoes, here’s Annamaria’s aromatic pasta sauce recipe to give them life

The Cradling Mother of Abruzzo Pasta

Who doesn’t love traditional great tasting pasta that cradles its sauce instead of it splatting onto the plate?  Apparently the key is semolina!

Sweet Bedfellows Squid in Tomato Sauce with Polenta

Succulent sweet squid in a thick tomato sauce served on a bed of creamy grilled polenta – juxtaposed textures make for unlikely but perfect bedfellows

Timballo Alla Teramana – A Cook’s Landscape

More than just a scrumptious Abruzzo ‘pie’, Timballo Teramana is a cook’s panoramic photograph of the fertile Teramo landscape

Carnival Topsy-Turvy Pasta – Ravioli Dolci

Carnevale is famous for things being turned upside down; women become men, men become animals & ravioli gets an equal flipping in Abruzzo’s Teramo province

The Start of an Abruzzo Christmas Feast – Minestra di Cardi

Across Abruzzo’s valley and mountains, the Christmas lunch feast more often than not begins with peppery Cardoons cooked in a rich chicken broth

Beetroot & Farro Soup with Peperoncini & Pancetta Sprinkles

When the snow shuffles down the Abruzzo’s mountains, a cacophony of snowflakes, icicles scream “minestra time” especially farro & beetroot soup

Romanesco Cauliflower Soup with Conchigliette

This cauliflower soup was inspired by one of our recent NY guests who had mentioned seeing a lime-coloured cauliflower broccoli in Bologna, what was it?

Summer Treat – Ravioli with Ricotta & Walnuts

If you are looking for a light, tasty & inexpensive filling for some summer ravioli, one classic stuffing is walnut & ricotta

Pasta Fagioli con le Cotiche all ‘Abruzzese Recipe

I use Queen of Abruzzo cuisine Anna Teresa Callen’s recipe for Pasta fagioli con le cotiche all ‘Abruzzese in her recipe book Food & Memories of Abruzzo

Thorny Flavours – Abruzzo Cardoons & Artichokes

One thing not to miss whilst eating out on holidays in Abruzzo is those most noble of thistles – the delicate artichoke and the peppery cardoon

The Tastiest Lentil ever – Lenticchia di Santo Stefano

The precious Puy Lentil had better watch out, its delicious Italian cousin, the Lenticchia di Santo Stefano (lens culinaria) is soon to be awarded DOP status