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The 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake

Armchair Advocacy for L’Aquila – The Instagram Walk

Abruzzo’s Instagram community organised a walk in L’Aquila on 15 December capturing the city’s stagnancy or restoration since the 2009 earthquake, take your pick!

From the Juggernaut Comes Let’s Blog Abruzzo

Hand-tied is a good way to describe the after effects of an earthquake. Although you feel incredibly lucky that your house is still standing, you can never be too far removed from someone who physically suffered.

Art’s Tower of Strength for Santo Stefano di Sessanio

It’s always great hearing how people are helping individuals & communities recover from the L’Aquila earthquakein this case the Medici built Santo Stefano

Ghostly L’Aquila Left to Become a Family Affair?

Earthquakes bring destruction they shouldn’t be allowed to bring the end of civilisation too. 2 years after the L’Aquila earthquake individual helping hands sought

The Magic of La Befana Bewitches L’Aquila

Italy’s Christmas witch La Befana brewed a day of laughter & festivity in L’Aquila today, as the Epiphany Market was held in preparation for her visit tonight

48,810 Still Can’t get Home in L’Aquila: an Outsider’s Perspective

48,810 still can’t go home to L’Aquila after earthquake. We asked poet & author Denysé Bridger to provide another perspective

Return to L’Aquila – Caring Tastes Wonderful

We were delighted to assist Breaking Bread in L’Aquila return to its roots this weekend with its official launch in Abruzzo’s hill-top town of Santo Stefano

L’Aquila Remembered – Sofia’s Letter

L’Aquila remembered. Sofia, aged 12, recently wrote this letter to a classmate that she lost forever that night. She used to live in the downtown area of L’Aquila.

Breaking Bread in L’Aquila – Abruzzo’s Zingy New Cookbook

Breaking Bread in L’Aquila is a perfect Italian cookbook for those lacking a “nonna” to pass down mouth-watering, fresh & zingy recipes of L’Aquila & the south

1 Weekend, 1 Month, 11 Months After an Earthquake

It’s just 5 days short of 11 months since the L’Aquila earthquake & frustration is growing over delays of the clear up and start of the rebuild

Charity Christmas Cards – After the L’Aquila Earthquake

Life in Abruzzo have created a set of Christmas cards to raise money Bascianella whose church was damaged after the L’Aquila earthquake of April 2009

L’Aquila’s Beauty & the Beast

Following the Art for L’Aquila auction held at the Italian Cultural Institute in London we have now raised a total of nearly £4,000 from the auction

An Abruzzo Treasure – Celine

One of the unsold Abruzzi artists from ‘Art for L’Aquila’, Andrea Ciccotelli has dropped the price on his limited edition photographic print to just £350

Art for L’Aquila Invitation

Art for L’Aquila created by the Minerva Art Project cordially invites you to the Italian Cultural Institute to a L’Aquila fundraising exhibition and auction

Art for L’Aquila Auction

For those of you full of enthusiasm to help L’Aquila but who can’t quite afford the €1000 per ticket for the Ferrari Auction try ‘Art for L’Aquila’

Support, Dignity & Respect for L’Aquila

Wow, everyone’s donations to the International Red Cross Appeal for L’Aquila means they are almost halfway to the amount needed to provide full support

Fundraising for L’Aquila

You’ve made your personal donation to victims of the L’Aquila earthquake what next, rebuilding L’Aquila & her Abruzzo hill-top villages is a long-term project

Donate & Help L’Aquila Earthquake Victims

How You Can Help L’Aquila & the Little Mountain Villages: sadly the death toll has risen to 294 and homeless people living in tents stands at 17,000

L’Aquila Earthquake

Following last night’s earthquake in our nearest city of L’Aquila we’d like to send our sympathy to the beautiful people of L’Aquila and her small villages