Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion


The Peace of Gessopalena on Armistice Day

Viewing Gessopalena’s shattered homes & memorial looking out at the fresh faced motherly Majella, you simultaneously view horror whilst seeing the beauty of freedom

Bittersweet Love at Sulmona’s Pelino Confetti Museum

For those who think confetti is a paper thing you throw at weddings the Pelino family’s Abruzzo variant is a little more organic and rather more tasty

Pork for Thought at Carpineto Sinello’s Museum of the Pig

Carpineto Sinello’s Museo del Maiale (Pig Museum) is almost worth visiting just for the rolling vistas and technicolour fields up to this small, beautiful Chieti town

Worth a drizzle – Abruzzo Olive Oil Museum Loreto Aprutino

What would a holiday in Italy be without a trip to an Olive Oil Museum; particularly one as interesting as the Loreto Aprutino’s Museo dell’olio in Abruzzo

National Museum of Abruzzo L’Aquila

The National Museum of Abruzzo, housed in the magnificently imposing Forte or Castello Spagnolo, a 16th century fortress which dominates the centre of L’Aquila

Tossicia’s Museum of Traditional Arts

Walking in Europe’s biggest parklands; a carpeted woodland of Abruzzo in winter is a scramble of textures & colours