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Everyone’s a Tony – The Story of St Anthony Abbot

Listen to a TV or Radio show with an Italian in it and you’d almost be surprised if he wasn’t called Tony, but do you know why or about Saint Anthony Abbot

A Traveller’s Companion: Top 15 Books on Abruzzo

An inspiring list of the top 15 books about Abruzzo compiled with the help of 3 Abruzzophile book-loving friends; these titles encompass art, food & drink, travel, history, fiction

#MadeinAbruzzo Christmas

Such is the strong tradition of arts & crafts in Abruzzo it hosted 1/3 of Etsy’s Xmas fairs… we dip in to find some #MadeInAbruzzo Christmas Ideas

Abruzzo Economia Features LifeinAbruzzo

It’s always lovely to receive a little press, esp. when it’s a whole article on LifeinAbruzzo in the Christmas special of the magazine Abruzzo Economia

Do As the Romans Do: Take a Family Ski Holiday in Abruzzo

Ignore the Alps & head south to Aremogna, the preferred ski-destination for Romans & Neapolitans, where a budget family ski holiday doesn’t mean slumming it

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things: Michael Kenna

The landscape photographer Michael Kenna tells us about the region he discovered whilst photographing his book ‘Abruzzo’

Capturing the Heat in Abruzzo

On the rare occasions of a heatwave in Abruzzo, who best manages to capture the feeling of inescapable heat when the temperatures nudge 40 C in the shade

Abruzzo Wine Celebrations – Cantine Aperte & London Showcase

The end of May sees 2 fantastic events for those wanting to explore deeper into the incredible wines that Abruzzo is now famous for across the globe.

Sweet Giulia’s Ricotta & Chocolate Lattice Tart

A moist and light ricotta and chocolate lattice tart all the way from Manoppelo Abruzzo, home to Veronica’s Veil and Casale Centurione Country House

Words of Wine Awards – Abruzzo’s European Blogger!

Alongside noted Italian journalists & Japanese bloggers it was humbling to receive a ‘Words of Wine’ award as European Blogger for promoting Abruzzo wines

Adriatica Villa – Abruzzo’s Coast & Mountains Rental

If you’re looking for an affordable light & airy Abruzzo villa for your family to stay at whilst you hit the beach and explore Abruzzo’s famous mountain towns try Villa Adriatica

Pescarese Baked Fish with Lemon Caper Mash

The Abruzzesi adore their baked fish,(Pesce al Cartoccio), and it varies in each of the 3 provinces that nudge its Adriatic coast

Falling in Love with Abruzzo on a Food Wine & Cooking Holiday

An Italian cooking holiday that creates a narrative of Abruzzo that embraces mountains and sea, and provides some authentic cooking experiences to take home from the 4 provinces

Witches, Polka, Pizza – La Befana Closes Christmas

Scrabbling about for sweeties thrown by a feisty witch, walking around the village behind a big bass drum, dancing to polka, eating sausage pizza accompanied by soft fruity wines is just part of the experience of celebrating La Befana in our village in Abruzzo

Danilo Cortellini’s Ascolana Olives & Fritto Misto

Taking elements from both Abruzzo & Le Marche this dish is a fried heaven of lamb, battered vegetables, sweet custard fritters and olive all’Ascolana; these amazing olives are stuffed with meat, breaded and deep fried to crispy perfection

Helping Amatrice: Spaghetti All’Amatriciana, #VirtualSagra +

Tears that prick your eyes for the victims of an un-just earthquake are always harder when you’ve visited their hometown or village. What can you do to help

The Secret Inside a Shepherd’s Bag

The secret treats that an Abruzzese shepherd keeps in his bag

Uncovering Ciociaria & Slow Food in the Shoes of St Benedict

A history lesson in slow food, abbey building & mountain spiritual hots spots courtesy of the Via Benedicti

Saragolla – Abruzzo’s Blonde Egyptian Queen

The tale of a small ancient Egyptian grain: hard & glassy like amber, nicknamed the ‘Pharaoh’s Wheat’ that flourished in Abruzzo post migration and genocide

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things – Laurence Vannicelli

There is a sense of freedom in Abruzzo that is incredibly rare and is best appreciated without a strict itinerary. Laurence Vannicelli reveals a few of his favourite abruzzo things

Castelli’s Pentacromia Hot Baked Palette

Castelli’s pentacromia sounds more a term that should be in The Exorcist script than Italy’s most important ceramic town describing their hot baked palette

Calascio – The Town with a Fable and La Rocca

“Chi si fa pecorella, i lupi la mangiano”. Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you.     People have been sheltering and  living ‘at the top’ in

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Flowers to Cut Madness

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when a sprig from an elderly neighbour, a single daisy or RaRa flower from your toddler can say something more

Farchie Fara Filiorum Petri: a 7m High of Banging Folklore

Fara Filiorum Petri’s combustible victory re-enactment is breathtaking and loud, imagine 15 x 7 m high reed farchie interlaced with bangers being lit!

The Best Start to the Day: Taking the Sweetie Passeggiata

Sweetness reigns when you do the walk, your morning lap, giro, passeggiata around the village as a toddler in a sleepy rural village in Abruzzo Italy

Learning how to Lasso the Moon in Abruzzo

How do you lasso the moon? A great vocab builder from one of the mural facades on the houses in Azzinano in Abruzzo in a collection devoted to games of the past


Fuori dai sentieri battuti, Off the Beaten Track in Abruzzo

Do the names Macdonell, Atkinson and Canziani mean anything? These foreign pioneers are familiar and revered for those that crave material about their beloved Abruzzo

Guardiagrele Torrone – A Storyteller’s Sweetmeat

Not many Abruzzo sweets can boast being the favourite of Ignazio Silone, the region’s most famous author acclaimed for his Abruzzo Trilogy.

Hermitage of San Bartolomeo – On the Beatified Track to Sanity

Abruzzo’s most famous rock face hermitage, dedicated to San Bartolomeo in Legio and just outside the town of Roccamorice, is a wonder!

A few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things – Janet Bianchini

The best of Abruzzo from Janet who lives in Civitaquana with her husband & furkids consisting of 6 chickens, 5 cats, 3 dogs and 1 resident kestrel, called Kevin

Abruzzo from Afar

Perhaps more than any other region we have studied so far, Abruzzo for me is all about the images

Abruzzo and a Transumanza Spot the Difference 1817, 1823, 2012

Whilst Abruzzo can be infuriating for getting information it can be a joy delving & finding historical documents that dazzle & paint a picture

Save the Aventino River

Abruzzo’s last unharnessed river, the Aventino faces being reduced to a trickle through new hydo-electric plans

Italian Austerity – The Monti Impact on Ex-pats & Holidaymakers

Prime Minister Monti ‘s cabinet approved austerity package began the first of its debtates today, how will it affect ex-pats, holidaymakers & Italians?

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things – Jacqui Dixon

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things by Jacqui Dixon co-founder of the new small campsite, ‘Kokopelli Camping’ set in Serramonacesca in the province of Pescara

Abruzzo’s Autumn Walking Colours via La Mascionara

Autumn in Abruzzo begins in earnest in mid-October, down on its wine-growing hills, valleys and Adriatic beaches it’s still a temperate 24C mid-October

Abruzzo Blackberry Ratafià – The Foragers’ Liqueur

Brambles appear on every continent this Abruzzo Blackberry Ratafià recipe ensures that where ever in the world you’re based you can toast Italy’s rocky heart!

Where in the World of ‘Abruzzo’…

One of our NY based readers, bought this painting titled ‘Abruzzo’ but no one has yet been able to identify where it is, can you help? Reward on offer!

An Abruzzo Cookery Course Exploring a Flavoursome Heritage

An Italian cookery course specialising in piquant & healthy Abruzzo cooking with tours of local producers & Chef-led cookery sessions in an Abruzzo C18th palazzo

Counting Gappy Smiles at Carnevale d’Abruzzo

Francavilla al Mare’s Carnevale d’Abruzzo had but 5 tractor-pulled floats but for sheer numbers of gappy smiles it shone like there is no tomorrow

Navelli’s Saffron Queen and the Power of Bling

How the Italian Renaissance love of bling picked-up the fortunes of Navelli in L’Aquila via the production of saffron, its precious red gold spice

Cherries & Dressing Up at Raiano

Somebody described cherries as beautiful butterflies, you blink and they’re gone, hence Raiano’s seasonal sagra being utterly unique in Abruzzo’s sagre calendar

Taranta Peligna’s Woven Story

Many people whilst in Abruzzo have slept under a taranta, or under these brightly patterned blankets at their grandparents, who took them upon emigrating

Rosemary Crisp Beach Snack Bliss

These rosemary crisps have become our beach snack bliss along with a glass or 2 of pear juice, here’s the recipe…

Little Miss Muffet & the Great Big Abruzzo Wasp Spider

Furry things with four legs like wolves and bears get a lot more coverage in Abruzzo than this recent I Spy with my little eye a Wasp Spider

The Rain in The Pinewood – La pioggia nel pineto

The Abruzzo poet Gabrielle D’Annunzio alongside his lover Hermione explore the spirit of a damp Abruzzo forest listening to the rain falling on the different trees and plants

Icons of Beauty George Clooney & Abruzzo in The American

Fancy a chance to watch two legendary hunks of rugged gorgeousness, George Clooney & Abruzzo, in action together three times??

Tholoi – More than Stones in Abruzzo’s Clouds

Take a road trip up into any of the high pastures in Abruzzo’s Majella, Gran Sasso & northern Mount Fiori mountains & you start counting the Tholoi

Fossacesia – Worth Exploring Before Summer

Abruzzo’s coastal resorts are worth exploring in springtime; they’re less crowded and the weather is perfect for walking We asked Fossacesia resident, Pia De Simone to describe what to expect from the home of our favourite abbey at sunset San Giovanni in Venere.

1 Weekend, 1 Month, 11 Months After an Earthquake

It’s just 5 days short of 11 months since the L’Aquila earthquake & frustration is growing over delays of the clear up and start of the rebuild

‘IN THE ABRUZZI’ 1907 – a Journey Recaptured in Photographs

A review & photographic journey of Anne MacDonell’s 1907 book ‘In the Abruzzi’ to see what has changed in 100 years.

The Real Stats and Facts of The Guardian’s Poor Abruzzo

Defining ‘Abruzzo one of Italy’s poorest regions’ triggered tremors of consternation amongst many in Abruzzo who know & love the region

Autumn in Abruzzo – Bounty, Beauty & Bereavement

A common question concerning holidays in Abruzzo is what’s it like to take a break in Abruzzo in Autumn, we recommend controversial poet Gabriele D’Annunzio


Life in Abruzzo is an independent & impartial slow travel and food blog guide about Abruzzo. It provides impartial tips on food, wine and eating out and shares off-the-beaten-track sightseeing

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Gathering Wood

October in Abruzzo, still Autumn but cold. Skies that held a low warm sun in the day, twinkled with stars at night and arrived with a sharp morning frost

The Perfect Bank Holiday Beach

Want an uncrowded beach for the English August Bank Holiday but dread British coastal drabness. Come to Abruzzo!