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Falling in Love with Abruzzo on a Food Wine & Cooking Holiday

An Italian cooking holiday that creates a narrative of Abruzzo that embraces mountains and sea, and provides some authentic cooking experiences to take home from the 4 provinces

Easter in Abruzzo: Traditions and Flavours in a Snapshot

Easter in Abruzzo in a simple snapshot: exploring its ceremonies and processions over the revered holy weekend and recipes eaten locally to welcome spring and take on the first picnic

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Farchie Fara Filiorum Petri: a 7m High of Banging Folklore

Fara Filiorum Petri’s combustible victory re-enactment is breathtaking and loud, imagine 15 x 7 m high reed farchie interlaced with bangers being lit!

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things – Mike Durham

Somewhere beautiful & tranquil to recover from illness initially bought journalist Mike Durham to Abruzzo, now it’s olive trees, wines, walking & new friends

Fun with Fish: an Italian Fish Cookery Course Aboard a Trabocco

Could a fish cookery course aboard a trabocco be Abruzzo’s most delicious alfresco experience? It’s certainly one of Italy’s most unique cooking courses

Ticking Oil Bomb over Bomba

Bomba is still threatened by Forest Oil Corporation’s ticking oil time-bomb wielded by the silent and still undecided Italian National & Abruzzo Regional govts

An Abruzzo Cookery Course Exploring a Flavoursome Heritage

An Italian cookery course specialising in piquant & healthy Abruzzo cooking with tours of local producers & Chef-led cookery sessions in an Abruzzo C18th palazzo

Figs Glorious Figs – Chieti Fig Orange & Fennel Seed Tart

A traditional Chieti fresh fig tart that’s perfect for summer and a great way to entice that very rare breed of ‘not fond of figs’…

Roasted Ombrina at La Sirenella Fossacesia Marina

Although there is plenty of coastline in Abruzzo, if you want to sit to eat your fish on the sea it’s a little difficult but there is Ristorante La Sirenella

Roccascalegna – Abruzzo’s Castle in the Sky

Roccascalegna from a distance looks like a giant witch’s cloak rising up from the lush surrounding floor trying to break free of the Majella fencing it in

Good Friday Chieti Abruzzo – La processione del Venerdì Santo

I felt compelled to visit Chieti’s La processione del Venerdì Santo after a friend said how it’d make the hairs on my neck stand up – a new Fri night experience

Casale San Giovanni – A Fossacesia Foodies Delight

In Abruzzo there are agriturismo, and then there are agriturismo like Fossacesia’s Casale San Giovanni that are a super foodies’ delight

The Fantastic Cantina del Tripio of Guardiagrele – From Horace to Horse

Guardiagrele, famous for its craft shops, a quick walk through the deserted streets led us to the restaurant Cantina del Tripio ravenous with hunger

The Restaurant at Ortona’s Old Theatre; from Toast to Tosti

On a fact-finding mission into oil drilling in Abruzzo, we visited the coastal town of Ortona and the charming Ristorante al Vecchio Teatro

Ortona the Bought & Fought Blue Curve on a Golden Hill

Ortona has a historical reputation of being fought for and bought; its recent oil fight was one of the reasons we visited this small Abruzzo port town in Chieti