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Full Circle in Salle

When I was a young girl, I loved visiting Salle, it was probably the only place on Earth where I could walk down the street without my mom’s firm grip on my hand

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things – Jacqui Dixon

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things by Jacqui Dixon co-founder of the new small campsite, ‘Kokopelli Camping’ set in Serramonacesca in the province of Pescara

Majella Cloudwatching

Getting lost Majella cloudwatching from Roccascalegna; those puffy, fluffy, wispy racy bringers of rain held high in the sky with temperatures of 32 C

Roccamorice’s Bella Vista Clad Snow Walk

Roccamorice’s road to Eremo di Santo Spirito hermitage winds round the mountains & is often snowed over in winter, but it makes a stunning mountainside walk

Skirting Scanno ~ a Henri Cartier Bresson Moment

Immortalised by such renowned photographers as Henri Cartier Bresson & Mario Giacomelli, Scanno is Abruzzo’s cultural hot-spot