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Brodetto Vastese – The Winding Barter Fish Soup

Brodetto Vastese the winding barter fish soup that like James Bond’s martini you shake not stir

Fun with Fish: an Italian Fish Cookery Course Aboard a Trabocco

Could a fish cookery course aboard a trabocco be Abruzzo’s most delicious alfresco experience? It’s certainly one of Italy’s most unique cooking courses

Ortona the Bought & Fought Blue Curve on a Golden Hill

Ortona has a historical reputation of being fought for and bought; its recent oil fight was one of the reasons we visited this small Abruzzo port town in Chieti

Trabocchi ~ Abruzzo Fishing for the Seasick

Trabocchi, sustainable fishing machines that resemble giant beached prawns sitting on the rocks with giant tendrils casting wide nets deep out via the shoreline