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A Dark Sea of Wine to be

What to expect from the 2011 Abruzzo Wine Harvest

by Roddy Newlands

A Dark Sea of Wine to be, courtesy of Talamonti Azienda Vinicola

For those that missed the fresh fruity notes of San Martino on the 11th , when 2 month old juice officially becomes vino novello, and are already feeling the onset of autumnal chill, we asked our friends at Talamonti for some pictures of their harvest to rekindle the warmth of Summer and give us an early indication of what to expect in 2 years from this vintage in Abruzzo.

Donato Ramunno is the cellar master who explained  “Even though the brought plenty of rain ( to April produced 300 mm ) to most of the Adriatic coast, we at Talamonti are expecting to produce some extraordinary reds due to an extremely warm and sun-lit summer season…the 2011 Summer’s sunny weather  brought about a form of natural selection on the vines, concentrating the vine’s resources to fewer but finer grape bunches.  That will mean a reduction by 10% in production this year, especially for the Estate’s award-winning single-, Tre Saggi, and the winery’s proprietary blend Kudos, whose harvest was finished at the end of October.”

“Expectations are high,” added Antonella Di Tonno, the family proprietor of the 32-hectare estate, “our Montepulciano, Trebbiano, and grapes are healthy and at a very good stage in their development following the mild of 2010-11 and sufficient rainfall; vines thrive on an equilibrium in terms of heat and rainfall, and wine drinkers should expect quality wines similar to the renowned 1997 vintage.”

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Lenny Zanello Sr.
Lenny Zanello Sr.

i wish to submit a vinyard picture of my Great Uncle Gino troiani with my cousind picking grapes. It is Abbruzzo!!!