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4 Grosvenor Square: The Menu of the Italian Embassy in London

by Sam Dunham
4 Grosvenor Square

“The simpler the is the better, so the ingredients can’t hide.  You need to start with best and allow them to shine”

If you’re looking for an inspiring inclusive Italian cookbook that you can dip into for any occasion you’ll enjoy Abruzzese head chef of the Italian Embassy in London, ’s, , The Menu of the Italian Embassy.

“Italian food is about comfort, tradition, humble ingredients, full flavours and most of all passion”

It offers a superb gastro-trail through culinary heritage and deliciously clever dishes featuring beautiful ingredients.  Danilo, a chef whose humility & likeability made him such a favourite on MasterChef Pro in 2015, includes dishes that he has picked up over his time at Michelin Star as well as a dish from Colonella’s former legendary Osteria Espri.  As Danilo says “Why turn your back on something that people love?”

The is divided into business lunches and dinners, Sunday lunch, cocktails and aperitives, buffet lunches and dinners, gala dinners, the basics so there is plenty for every occasion or just to indulge in something a little more special for supper or when you have a bit more time at the weekend.  In time for Christmas there is plenty of canapes (as you’d expect from an embassy) that includes baccala’ mantecato with mais Corvino polenta, goats’ bonbons with hazelnut, ascolana olives, aubergine burgers and pizette to name just a few!

There are some lovely tips at the back that remind us you don’t need to reach for the stockcubes when some boiling some vegetables and cheese crusts is so easy and wholesome and of course to eat seasonally and locally and never eat a tomato salad in December if you expect something of quality!  Personally, I can’t wait to add some ground juniper berries to my sauce next time I make   alle !


Burrata Tortellini with Sicilian Red Prawn and Smoked Artichoke Broth

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Life in Abruzzo 05/12/2016 - 10:39

Congratulations to Nicky Mills for winning the prize draw – Nicky can you please dm us address so Meze Publishing can send you a copy of 4 Grosvenor Square!

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