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4 OShadow

4 O’Clock Shadow with Corno Grande Styling

by Sam Dunham

4 oclock shadow

The Corno Grande’s March of Colliding Atoms

’s highest mountain may be famous for the dark matter testing deep within its bowels, but at 4.00 pm every day in early May there is a huge particle rush that drives a gigantic daily storm into its craggy form.

The result, stunning shadows and light,  but if you are just a tiny bit barometrically challenged, watch out for being literally wiped out by an evil temporal lobe headache by the said ‘temporale’ (Italian for storm). Apparently such symptoms can only be reduced by taking a magnesium supplement[??].

Cms of vicious hail that  pound some unfortunate geraniums that sit on my terrace and the Locust blossom who have just begun their roadside display are being  washed down the hill and into ’s uneven and pot- holed roads.  The resultant puddles are gorgeous to whiff as you past,  and if you’re a welly-wearing 19-month old boy, the most sweet-smelling puddles in the world.


4 OShadow