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Abruzzo Flower Power – Naked Man & Lady Orchids Uncovered

by Sam Dunham
Orchid flower power

Naked Man (Orchis Italica)

Abruzzo’s flower power is extraordinary; wandering in Abruzzo becomes a voyage of botanical discovery.  Throughout Spring you can uncover Naked Men (Orchis Italica)  and go gaga over the ampled thigh Lady (aka Ochis Purpurea) plus a whole host of other wildflowers that I can’t yet begin to put a name to.  That naming problem is common here with no all-encompassing flower that I can find, thank goodness for Flickr & Facebook.

Lady Orchid

in early Spring, whether in the valleys or pathfinding in the Apennine highlands, one thing is guaranteed, the fragrance of “un mille fiori”!   The high & low notes of nature’s perfume can almost cause neck ache as you look around desperately trying to identify from what bloom or blossom each diaphanous scent comes from.

Whether staying in the Majella or Corno Grande in Spring expect to see that hibernational coat of bright white snow dusting those grey stone forms transform into a seemingly unending wave of colour. Meadows as well as farmers’ fields become a wildflower rainbow , enchanting you with an array of silky petals whose shapes & textures leave you gasping as you become almost a rather ungainly human honeybee.

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I am a bit of a sucker for beautiful photos of flowers, but I just love these! So much so, that I've included you on my Top 10 posts of the week over at <a href="http://www.italytutto.com” target=”_blank”>www.italytutto.com

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