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Abruzzo Style Christmas Wind

by Sam Dunham
Green bauble

Tossica Christmas Tree

Well this Day in has to be our strangest yet, courtesy of a  100-130 km/h hot blasting scirocco, that left us almost feeling we were celebrating rather than a mid- festive feast!

The temperature was a balmy 23°, and for those locally who weren’t having the traditional Abruzzo aspic-style turkey, plumping instead for, say, roast capon courtesy of an electric oven, Christmas Day lunch was forced toward a simpler gentler fare due to the elements depriving us of electricity throughout the whole day.  This meant no ADSL too; thus conversation, board/bored games and candles were the essence of this Christmas Day in , all to the disconcertingly relentless backdrop of the Banshee wind outside. A change from the chilly snow-clad Christmases we had become accustomed to in previous years.

Listen to the Mad Scirocco Christmas Wind in Abruzzo

All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog
All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog