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Life in Abruzzo offers businesses a number of  low-cost brand-building & advertising opportunities to access English speaking visitors to Abruzzo and Italy via a rich, sticky-content site that reaches

December 2017

  • 8,633 unique visitors | 20,092 page views, source Google Analytics December 2017
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  • Readership predominantly female between the ages of 25-55 years old with a geographic split – 6% USA, 17% UK, 10%, 6.35% Canada, 6% Australia, 6% Italy
  • 5,277 Facebook Followers | 827 Instagram Followers – 37,914 Reach, 10,712 Post Engagement, 45-54 age of audience, 63% female and 1/3 based in the US with 62% viewing via mobile, 45-54 age of audience, 63% female and 1/3 based in the US with 62% viewing via mobile
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  • Write search engine optimised posts or articles that highlight your brand or product to interest the independent traveller.
  • Write content rich posts about a particular location or destination that will highlight attraction, uniqueness, cuisine, wine, activities and culture as relevant.
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Companies are invited to sponsor a ‘category’ and receive the benefit of building brand awareness and increased traffic to their own website through banners and advertorial.

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Who is LifeinAbruzzo?

LifeinAbruzzo is Sam Dunham who maks frequent visits to Italy to make use of her family’s little holiday home in Abruzzo’s  mountains, with additional guest posts written by Abruzzesi or Abruzzo-based individuals with a specialist area of knowledge be it location, cuisine and wine or activity based.

Sam works full-time as a freelance web content manager and copywriter and travel blogger.  Past lives saw her study in Firenze after which she taught History of Art & EFL and lived in Barcelona & the Bahamas. Her blogging passions are food & wine, travel & photography (she is a Getty Images Contributor).  She is co-founder to Abruzzo’s 1st food & travel bloggers weekend, Let’s Blog Abruzzo and co-founder of the Abruzzo Blogger Community. Her passionate knowledge of Abruzzo has been regularly used by The Guardian, the BBC’s ‘Escape to the Continent’ and Channel 4’s ‘Place in the Sun’ and Jamie Oliver in 2017.

She was the recent winner of Abruzzo’s 2017 Words of Wine European Blogger award,  the Salviamo l’Orso Blog Award for her post, Italian Charm Masters ‘Cani di Quartiere‘ and the most recent conferences and blog tours she has been hosted on are:


  • Taste & Tour, arranged and hosted by the Cento Estero Abruzzo May 2017
  • Italian Cooking Holiday, arranged and hosted by A Casa di Ezio, June 2016
  • Le Marche Christmas Markets, arranged and hosted by Le Marche Tourist Board, December 2015
  • Aeolian Islands, arranged and hosted by the UNESCO network Mirabilia and TBD-Italy, Oct 10-15 2015 #Mirabilia2015  #TBDI2015
  • Travel Blogger Destination Italy, Oct 7-10 2015 hosted by TTG Italia
  • Amazing Ciociaria, A journey through its history, flavours, nature and traditions arranged and hosted by Unindustria, TBDItaly #amazingciociaria
  • TTG Digital Warm up, 28 May 2015 hosted by TTG Italia #tbdi2015
  • Sei Blogger a Borgo Lucignanello, Tuscany,  29-20 March 2014 arranged and hosted by Italy Traveller
  • Trans-Siberian Italia, 14 April 2013 arranged and  hosted by Transita and  Paesaggi d’Abruzzo

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