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Hanging out to Dry

Aglio Styling by Maestro Luigi

by Sam Dunham

Hanging out to DryHung out to dry, one of those verbs and idioms that means so much more to farmers and foodies! and the drying season has begun in earnest.  The temperature over the past week has been rising, yesterday it tipped 38C.  Hot for humans but the very best news for my neighbour Luigi’s bulbs that have been gently drying in the soil over the past week.

Today a quick shake, scrape off of dry mud, and a helping hand by Bepe with a plaiting technique by Luigi that would get any hairdresser jealous, means some guaranteed fine dining of spaghetti , olio e peperoncino.  In the meantime Happy 79th Birthday today Luigi – I want your secret of being outside all day and yet not a linAglio Stylinge as well as being the aglio maestro!


Photos © Lucciola.me

Hanging out to Dry

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You are right! He looks amazing for 79 and he looks happy too. I would love to get my hands on some of that garlic. I am sure it taste better then the ones we get at our grocery store.
I love that kind of spaghetti. Simple dish, simple life! That is the secret?
Can't wait for our visit to Abruzzo!