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Armchair Advocacy for L’Aquila – The Instagram Walk

by Sam Dunham

L'Aquila Instagram Walk

The Abruzzo Instagram community organised a photographic in L’Aquila on Saturday 15 December capturing the city’s stagnancy or restoration since the 2009 , you can take your pick of the most apt description from the photos taken by viewing the Instagram Abruzzo gallery!

We spoke to the community who organised the event to remember L’Aquila.  322 photos were shared on Twitter #instawalklaquila, hopefully they will inspire others to join their growing fb community of 186 fans.

How and when did the Instagram group come up with the idea for the L’Aquila walk?

The idea was formed a month ago. L’Aquila is a delicate but important matter and we had quite a few  in-depth discussions to ensure an event representing it would not be portrayed in a whimsical and capricious manner.

How do you intend to utilise the platform to promote and raise awareness of L’Aquila?

The photos of the day were selected and posted on Instagram and other networks with a brief commentary and opinion.

What’s been the reception and feedback from other Instagram communities in ?

A lot of the other igers communities in Italy have backed us up by posting and mentioning this photographic walk on their Instagram accounts and various other social mediums. Some from the neighboring towns/cities attended whilst those who live further out will supported the event with its promotion.

Are the images going to be used offline in traditional press tie ups for those who may not be fully participating yet due to age etc of social media, if so where will people be able to see them? Any other websites who will be promoting the event afterwards?

A good bond and support has grown between Shoot4change , Paesaggia d’Abruzzo,  NewGusto  and a lot of bloggers and travel bloggers who tweeted, posted, shared and tagged #instawalklaquila as well as our local online newspaper  ZonaLocale.  Everyone contributed to spreading the word! Images will be available on the various accounts @igers_abruzzo (on Instagram and Twitter), on the Instagramers Italia website.

Images and armchair advocacy can be very powerful what do you hope to achieve for L’Aquila regionally, nationally and internationally?

A person can tell you a story that you might remember or forget, but if you see a strong representative image of it that remains stamped on your memory. Our aim for the event was that the pictures we all took will remind everyone that the beauty, , arts and that make up who we are  lay in these buildings too and that should be part of our driving force and will to preserve and restore it. Where there is a will there is a way.

Watch the video – THIS ‘L’AQUILA: Voices 3 years after the Earthquake

All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog
All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog