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Stewed Borlotti & Porcini Bliss at Taverna Sette Effe

by Sam Dunham

Sometimes you visit a little that is off the beaten track in Abruzzo and within a few mouthfuls know you have struck gold.  Taverna Sette Effe in Fano Adriano is one of these, with such a reputation that hungry climbers choose to eat there when they are in the vicinity.  If you’re in nearby Prati di Tivo, this too could be one eaterie to come down and up the mountain for so to speak!

We’d had several hints dropped about how to take a visit and try their thick stewed  & borlotti bean   (fagioli in umido con porcini) and we weren’t disappointed.  The fungi  are all sourced from nearby Prato Selva’s richly stocked woods which look down upon Fano Adriano.  I was just amazed that such a tastebud sensation could simply be only beans, mushrooms, odori and . It climbed into the lead of the ‘stewed’ antipasti dishes that we have tried in Abruzzo.  This combined with the excellent bruschetta that had been drizzled with a peppery oil was sublime.  Like a lot of Abruzzo cooking, so simple but enough in taste to last a lifetime as you think back on that thick soupy thing you once ate on a mountain side.  If you have a veggie diner with you this will bring a smile to their face for sure!

We also had house and National Park & cheeses all that were excellent, tasty without being chewy.  Their papperdelle with a rich lamb ragu was excellent, I loved the homemade which had little indentations cut into each chunky ribbon to keep the sauce in its gulley rather than getting left on the plate, far too rich & glorious to be left there.

Tiramisu is a house speciality, as they go, not bad and worth sharing one to finish on.

Service was sweet,  and although there was no one else in the restaurant but us, it was toasty warm on the cold dark winter night we went along to pay a visit.  Wine as ever great, we went for a light house Vino Novello as we were driving on to a festa in Poggio Umbricchio nearby.

How to Find Tip – You can park in the small main piazza of Fano Adriano, on your right looking back down the mountain you will see the Comune building, there is a set of steps next to this that leads you down one flight to the restaurant (it’s pink, you can can’t miss it).  There is a covered terrace that looks like it could be quite nice as a place to sit and eat in the summer.

Price –  €32 including 1/2 litre of House Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (for 2 people  having 2.5 courses)
Value for money – 9/10
Quality of food – 10/10

Contact Details

Taverna Sette Effe | Contrada Villa Moreni 2 | 64044 – Fano Adriano (TE)

Telephone: 0861.95269 | Email:  suggest telephoning for a speedy response!