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Catching an Abruzzo Sunset on Mottagrossa Beach

by Sam Dunham

Mottagrossa Beach Abruzzo

There’s nothing better than finding a great with some space to watch the sun go down.  This time of day has inspired so many stanzas along with some of the greatest tunes, and having either filling your head as you listen to the lapping waves is no bad thing for perking up the soul.

Mottagrossa  Pebbles

Down in the south of Abruzzo, in ’s Punta Aderci Nature Park there is a long pebble beach called . It’s host not just to the most perfect pebbles for skimming and for collecting for those who have an eye or deep pockets for such a hobby, but  they provide a great place to balance both a barbecue or just rest one’s bottom on for a meditative sun stake-out.

Mottagrossa Beach

Whatever the reason to visit it’s the perfect Abruzzo beach, well away from the resorts and crowds and ideal for sharing a special moment where you are guaranteed a great sunset.  Protected by its status as a National Park, fringes the coast with textures of & , as good as it gets when you are screaming for something a little more off the tourist radar…

Mottagrossa  Beach

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