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Charity Christmas Cards – After the L’Aquila Earthquake

by Sam Dunham

Christmas Card Selection

Life in have created a set of 21 charity Christmas cards to raise money for the small rural farming village of Bascianella whose of S. Pietro was badly damaged after the L’Aquila of April 2009.

Although just 30km away from the epicentre, the village has not been listed by the government for receiving funds, therefore without any external assistance the likelihood of this beautiful little church and focal point of village life being restored is unlikely.  We debated long & hard who to give the monies we raise this Christmas after the L’Aquila Earthquake, and the most direct way without incurring any ‘charity’ or admin costs was raising funds for this audited project.

The Church of Bascianella

Frescoed Roof of S PietroThe church is small and welcoming with a frescoed painted wooden roof and a concentration of happy saints rather than the penitentia, and, depending on which local you ask, anywhere from 250-400 years old! S. Pietro in its current format is built on an existing one that housed generations of local ancestors’ remains – there is a sign proclaiming this above the door.

The village has an aging population and to assist them to become less dependent on their families in getting to Church we have decided to help raise funds.  Although not religious ourselves we feel this is the least we can do to contribute to improving life for a community of elderly people. There are many villages like Bascianella who don’t fall under the official government aid remit but are in need of help to get back to how life was before the earthquake that struck L’Aquila and the surrounding area.  It is impossible to assist everyone but hopefully this will provide some support & comfort to a group of people, and who knows if it is successful we can apply the model to help others who are encountering the same difficulties of being left off the government’s list.

We have selected a group of photographs that we have mostly shot locally in the region of Abruzzo at Christmas and the New Year last year that we hope appeal to anyone no matter what their beliefs, including scenes religious, naturalistic and festive.

100% of all Funds Raised  to the Project After Printing Costs

We have put a 20% mark-up onto the price being charged by the printers for these Christmas Cards, and a full 100% of that money will directly go to this project; Life in Abruzzo will NOT receive any monies from this project, cards are not printed unless you order which helps to cut down on the environmental impact of us ordering surplus to demand.  If you look at the gallery the first price you will see quoted is the poster print price you need to click thru on an image to see its greeting card price, these start at US$3.59 and your donation will work out as below:

Buy Charity Christmas Cards

We selected Imagekind for this project to ensure that the Christmas Charity Cards you select to be printed are of the highest quality and that you can in addition include your own individual holiday message; for that reason they are perfect not just as family Christmas cards but in addition for those seeking Charity Business Christmas Cards; most important they use FedEx to deliver so you are 100% guaranteed delivery with a full tracking number.  It is possible to pay securely either by Credit Card or PayPal.  So if you are looking for charity Christmas cards that are a little bit different and which you can apply your own message, personal or corporate, please do consider buying these charity Christmas Cards for this holiday season.

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All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog