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A Child’s “What-to-do” in Abruzzo

by Sam Dunham

What to do Beyond the Beach for Children

“What can I do with my children in Abruzzo?” A question asked with increasing frequency in the lead up to holidays; unable to offer advice based on personal experience or necessity, we consulted some of our Abruzzo-bound, child-clad friends for their recommendations of what they did with their kids so they don’t get bored or restless.

We asked Loretta D’Orsogna , an Abruzzesi artist with two children, and our own indispensible “Mr PR”, American Joshua Lawrence who had lived in l’Aquila before the , and who also has two children. Here’s their combined answers, based on these children who are between the ages of 7 & 13.

Water Parks
Both of our gurus recommended waterparks:
“My kids idea of a great time is a large waterpark.  The one in is quite good, and the prices are affordable (€20 adults and €16 for kids, compared to Disney Paris which is €56 for adults and €46 for kids). In many ways it’s just your standard basic , but the music stage show can be amazing (and I normally hate stage shows at amusement parks!); they let you bring your own in, there was a fun band at the wave pool, and a falconer. “  Joshua.

Vasto incidentally  is a beautiful Romanesque town which offers plenty of sights too for adults if you want a break from the waterpark and somewhere to explore.

If you are based in the province of Teramo there is another waterpark just outside Tortoreto with very similar prices:

Read more about the Waterpark in Vasto & Tortoreto

Canoeing on the Tirino below Capestrano,  home to a castle that can be viewed on the way back to your base.  Read more how to arrange your accompanied canoe trip

Wolves &
“Children love The Wolf & Wildlife Refuge just outside Popoli. “ Joshua.

There is a small tour you can go on that includes a entitled Prey & Predators:

“My children love talking to other children, and often the best place for them to chat is at the playgrounds.” .  Particularly good: Lanciano – Parcogiochi alla Pista/Ippodromo; Pescara – Piazza Salotto; San Vito Marina: Parcogiochi al Lungomare.” Loretta.

Pizza & Ice-Cream
Children’s love of pizza & ice-cream hardly needs explaining!  True to Italian form, Abruzzo provides both in excellent abundance  of both in-land and all along the coast.