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Help Dogs Affected by Teramo's Floods

Help for Dogs Affected By Teramo’s Floods

by Sam Dunham

Olive Peace

Here’s a very small tribute to the 60 dogs that drowned when left unsupervised in an animal shelter up in that had inadequate drainage in the recent flooding.  I sincerely hope that looks seriously at all its planning and those responsible for ‘animal welfare’ in future and learn by this grisly loss of life.

The are thought to have killed more than 100 animals in Teremo’s Alba area and there is desperate need for those that have been managed to be rescued who are currently being housed in the local stadium to be given homes in which to recuperate. If you can offer any help on this front, not etc they have that covered, please do contact  Charlotte, [+39] 368 3903767, here’s the link to their Facebook page & local newspaper.