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Groundhog Christmas Eve Warning

by Roddy Newlands
Christmas Tossicia

Christmas in Tossicia

Tossicia’s Tree

Christmas Eve Menus (La Vigilia di Natale) at home & in Abruzzo do uphold the religious aspect of Christmas with the focus being , and more , likewise Italian consists of upholding ‘fare bella figura’ – keeping up appearances and making the right impression with dress, bearing and attitude. A small warning you’ll never succeed in the latter by partaking on in a traditional, shared La Vigilia di Natale supper!

Unless you really have a gargantuan love of eating what seems like 14 courses of fish, (7 courses of 2 fish types per course seemingly) to save face & embarrassment, I personally would try and avoid any invitations out with Italian friends to do the traditional thing! It is just impossible to not pull faces as the owner & your hosts as they bring out yet another take on the fried & roasted creature you felt you had only just finished 2 seconds before. You have been warned!

A Sample of the Local Fish Van Delivery

Part of Bascianella’s Mobile Fishmonger’s Catch of the Day

3 reasonable reasons for turning down kind fishy Christmas Eve invitations:

– Sorry, I am allergic to fried or roasted fish.

– I am helping out at the church.

– 7 is my unlucky number. (7 refers to the number of sacrements & virtues incidentally hence its religious importance!)

Useful Christmas Eve Vocab

Christmas Eve – La Vigilia di Natale

The 3 Kings – I Re Magi

Mary & Joeph – Maria e Giuseppe

The Shepherds – I pastori

The Donkey – L’asino

Baby Jesus – Gesù Bambino

Christmas Stocking – Calza di Natale

Christmas Tree – Albero di Natale

Christmas Present – Regalo di Natale

Bona – Happy Christmas

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Célia Regina 13/09/2010 - 19:09

Eu adoro a Regione d´Abruzzo, Tossicia, cidade natal de meu pai Ernesto Patrizzi.

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