Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion


Arts & Crafts

#MadeinAbruzzo Christmas

Such is the strong tradition of arts & crafts in Abruzzo it hosted 1/3 of Etsy’s Xmas fairs… we dip in to find some #MadeInAbruzzo Christmas Ideas

Capturing the Heat in Abruzzo

On the rare occasions of a heatwave in Abruzzo, who best manages to capture the feeling of inescapable heat when the temperatures nudge 40 C in the shade

Summer 2017 Must See Exhibtion – ABRUZZO by Michael Kenna

Your chance to win tickets to see Michael Kenna’s ‘Abruzzo’ in Loreto Aprutino

Castelli’s Pentacromia Hot Baked Palette

Castelli’s pentacromia sounds more a term that should be in The Exorcist script than Italy’s most important ceramic town describing their hot baked palette

A Humorous Abruzzo Life in Miniature

Bravo Bellante’s Dino Di Silvestre for his hand carved and whittled take on rural life

Fuori dai sentieri battuti, Off the Beaten Track in Abruzzo

Do the names Macdonell, Atkinson and Canziani mean anything? These foreign pioneers are familiar and revered for those that crave material about their beloved Abruzzo

PAESI, PASTORI e VIANDANTI – Uffizi Art Exhibition SS di Sessanio

This second exhibition of paintings and ancient sculpture from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to be held in Santo Stefano di Sessanio is both a delight and enlightening.

Where in the World of ‘Abruzzo’…

One of our NY based readers, bought this painting titled ‘Abruzzo’ but no one has yet been able to identify where it is, can you help? Reward on offer!

Azzinano’s Murals – a Colourful Blast of Life the Abruzzo Way

Take a leap back into Abruzzo’s recent historical & sociological past through Azzinano’s emotive colourful blast via its unique open-air murals

The Bagpipe Beat of Abruzzo’s Zampognari

Going out of my way to see an assorted group of Italian bagpipers known as zampognari wasn’t something I ever imagined taking an afternoon out to do in Abruzzo

The Graffiti Remains of Mussolini at Fontecchio

Fontecchio isn’t a place you’d expect to see Mussolini graffiti that makes you think you’ve come face to face with a surreal Banksy-style joke

Taranta Peligna’s Woven Story

Many people whilst in Abruzzo have slept under a taranta, or under these brightly patterned blankets at their grandparents, who took them upon emigrating

Castelli – Love it or Loathe it…

The hill-side town of Castelli is home to one of Europe’s most renowned majolica products. Brightly hand-painted, these ceramic pieces of art are hugely popular