Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion


Books & Film

A Traveller’s Companion: Top 15 Books on Abruzzo

An inspiring list of the top 15 books about Abruzzo compiled with the help of 3 Abruzzophile book-loving friends; these titles encompass art, food & drink, travel, history, fiction

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things: Michael Kenna

The landscape photographer Michael Kenna tells us about the region he discovered whilst photographing his book ‘Abruzzo’

Homage to Estella Canziani’s Abruzzi & Free Book Giveaway

Un Viaggio nel tempo Abruzzo, an engaging photographic companion to Estella Canziani’s elusive 1st edition Through the Apennines and the lands of the Abruzzi

Finding Valentino by Angela Di Sciascio

Finding Valentino, four seasons in my father’s Italy by Angela Di Sciascio is the perfect read for those planning to take a trip & rediscover their Abruzzo roots

Abruzzo and a Transumanza Spot the Difference 1817, 1823, 2012

Whilst Abruzzo can be infuriating for getting information it can be a joy delving & finding historical documents that dazzle & paint a picture

Mezza Italiana – Australia & Abruzzo Intertwined

Mezza Italiana is an autobiography & travel book deliciously intertwined which crosses Australia and Italy’s Abruzzo namely to Fossa in L’Aquila

Win the Fab Walking in Abruzzo Guidebook!

It exceeded our expectations & comments of well thumbed already abound … enter our Walking in Abruzzo guidebook competition to win a copy

Guide Books to Abruzzo: Bradt or A-Tour

Guidebooks to Abruzzo are notorious in their absence, especially in English, Abruzzo instead making at best a slim appearance in general guides to Italy

Take a Hike… in Abruzzo with a Guide Book in English

Abruzzo, with its amazingly varied terrain incorporating protected National Parks, mountains, valleys, beaches and forests, is an excellent region for exploring by foot at a rambler or hiking pace

The American: more George Gloomy than George Clooney?

Anton Corbijn’s 2010 film The American, set in Abruzzo and starring George Clooney, was slow to get released in the UK for some reason, so apologies if this review seems somewhat dated now.

The American Shoot Locations

“Location location location”, the phrase that so many George Clooney & The American buffs have been drooling with increasing volume & vigour this week

Icons of Beauty George Clooney & Abruzzo in The American

Fancy a chance to watch two legendary hunks of rugged gorgeousness, George Clooney & Abruzzo, in action together three times??

‘IN THE ABRUZZI’ 1907 – a Journey Recaptured in Photographs

A review & photographic journey of Anne MacDonell’s 1907 book ‘In the Abruzzi’ to see what has changed in 100 years.