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Food & Wine

Pumpkin, Rosemary & Raisin Fritters

Why eat pie when you can indulge and have these delectable pumpkin, rosemary & raisin fritters rolled in crunchy cinnamon sugar

Bistrot 900 – Giulianova’s Food Crescendo

Bistrot 900 is the chance to meander Abruzzo, Italy and the world of modern cuisine where delectable ingredients are colourfully served that burst with surprising flavours

Pizzelle, Cancellate … Nonna’s Ugly Iron that Melts Hearts

An Abruzzese light and tasty must-try dish that rivals the region’s beloved arrosticini for fame are Pizzelle, Cancellate, Neole or Ferratelle depending on which of the provinces you are in

Abruzzo Wine Celebrations – Cantine Aperte & London Showcase

The end of May sees 2 fantastic events for those wanting to explore deeper into the incredible wines that Abruzzo is now famous for across the globe.

Sweet Giulia’s Ricotta & Chocolate Lattice Tart

A moist and light ricotta and chocolate lattice tart all the way from Manoppelo Abruzzo, home to Veronica’s Veil and Casale Centurione Country House

Stuffed! By Prezza’s Artichoke Royalty

Tenacious & hardy can be used to describe the ladies from Prezza but also to their legendary artichokes that grow just 1 side on the balcony of Abruzzo

Words of Wine Awards – Abruzzo’s European Blogger!

Alongside noted Italian journalists & Japanese bloggers it was humbling to receive a ‘Words of Wine’ award as European Blogger for promoting Abruzzo wines

Chasing a Fine Abruzzo White Wine Out on a Seaside Road

On a white wine mission in Teramo’s foothills which are better known for their Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, where do you find a complex Trebbiano d’Abruzzo?

Pescarese Baked Fish with Lemon Caper Mash

The Abruzzesi adore their baked fish,(Pesce al Cartoccio), and it varies in each of the 3 provinces that nudge its Adriatic coast

Annamaria’s Aromatic Pasta Tomato Sauce (Sugo)

Stuck with dreary tomatoes instead of a jar of sun-drenched pera d’Abruzzo tomatoes, here’s Annamaria’s aromatic pasta sauce recipe to give them life

Mimina’s Christmas Pastries – Ceci Ripieni

Mimina’s tasty Christmas pastries ceci ripeni are a little different to those we eat up in the province of Teramo and called caggionetti. They team chickpeas, almonds and dark chocolate and coat them in the town of Prezza’s famous mosto cotto, encasing them in a soft egg based fried pastry

4 Grosvenor Square: The Menu of the Italian Embassy in London

Danilo Cortellini’s cookbook 4 Grosvenor Square offers a superb gastro-trail through culinary heritage and deliciously clever dishes featuring beautiful ingredients that will appeal to all Abruzzese & Italian food lovers

Danilo Cortellini’s Ascolana Olives & Fritto Misto

Taking elements from both Abruzzo & Le Marche this dish is a fried heaven of lamb, battered vegetables, sweet custard fritters and olive all’Ascolana; these amazing olives are stuffed with meat, breaded and deep fried to crispy perfection

Tasty Unions & Beautiful Pecorino Pairings

Great cheese especially Abruzzo pecorino has a richness that allows for all manner of bitter, sweet and fruity pairings which bolster it from a simple piece of superb cheese to something magical that lingers

Saragolla – Abruzzo’s Blonde Egyptian Queen

The tale of a small ancient Egyptian grain: hard & glassy like amber, nicknamed the ‘Pharaoh’s Wheat’ that flourished in Abruzzo post migration and genocide

Bocconotti Montoriesi – Abruzzo’s Seductive Spirit Boasting Pastries

Bocconotti Montoriesi are seductive rustic pastries that celebrate Abruzzo’s most acclaimed harvests around the former Roman small town of Montorio Val Vomano in Teramo. 

Tipple But Never Topple – Abruzzo’s Liqueurs

Abruzzo’s aromatic liqueurs, namely its digestifs or amari, enjoy a fabled reputation for their complex, aged flavours…

Cachi – Winner of Italy’s Most Beautiful Autumn Fruit

Cachi is Italy’s most aesthetically beautiful Autumn fruit. Its soul-stirring shades of spotted pinks, reds & orange leaves counter setting the clocks back

The Cradling Mother of Abruzzo Pasta

Who doesn’t love traditional great tasting pasta that cradles its sauce instead of it splatting onto the plate?  Apparently the key is semolina!

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers with Fried Cheese, Capers and Mint

Taking up the cookery challenge from Nonna next-door of my favourite summer dish, deep fried stuffed zucchini flowers

Magical Nocino – Italian Green Walnut Liqueur

Nocino is an Italian liqueur made with green walnuts whose dark magical blend uncovers just how emersed Christian traditions are in their folklore past

One Fab Lady Cook at Castel di Ieri’s Bar Ristorante da Lisa

Bar Ristorante da Lisa sits at the bottom of the fabulously named medieval town Castel di Ieri that overlooks sweeping meadows and vistas of Monte Sirente

Maria’s Stuffed Mussels

Maria’s Stuffed Mussels are delicious & deny Italian purists the ability to disdainfully say “ma no no no we don’t eat fish and cheese together”

The Place to Eat Ham in Abruzzo – Ristorante Belvedere

We’ve eaten a lot of ham over the last decade in Abruzzo, incl a Michelin-starred restaurant but none beat Nonna’s at Ristorante Belvedere, Loreto Aprutino

Ristorante zi Nicola & The Man that Doesn’t Like Fish

A fish restaurant run by a man that doesn’t like fish in Abruzzo? An excellent insight into how loyalty to family still holds strong in Italy

Saffron & Baccalà Fritters with Pepper Ricotta

Saffron batter – a decadent, glorious way to celebrate Epiphany or something a little flashy to take your mind off your bank balance

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Mostaccioli Cookies

Mostaccioli… delicious Italian Christmas cookies that can use up half drunk bottles of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo left over from the night before

Zucchini Polenta Cakes

If cooking la pizza di mais without a fireplace and it’s modern day stove variant doesn’t have the same resonance you could try Zucchini Polenta Cakes

The Olive Leaf Tea that Keeps Giving

As a self-confessed olive fiend, I was delighted to hear that my favourite gnarled tree was also now gifting us Organic Olive Leaf Tea courtesy of Abruzzo groves

Guardiagrele Torrone – A Storyteller’s Sweetmeat

Not many Abruzzo sweets can boast being the favourite of Ignazio Silone, the region’s most famous author acclaimed for his Abruzzo Trilogy.

Real Men Blowdry – An Arrosticini Classic

Skewer me down or should that be spiedini, my summer was spent in finding the perfect arrosticini from Abruzzo to London juicy succulent tender mouthfuls of grilled castrato

Sod the Geraniums Colour Me Peperoncini & Dulce

No matter how much I appreciate the blast of soft colour that geraniums force into a harsh Abruzzo summer white light, I love even more the swags of wizened peperoncini

Dry Shrivelled & Bewildered

Dry, Shrivelled and Bewildered hmm that’s the finale to the tomato crop this year, as sung in my head by our neighbours anyway.

Blackberry & Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Granita

Blackberries, arhhh such an easy catapult back to childhood, those fat juicy blackberries being such easy low-level pickings for any age at any time

Sfogliatelle – The Pastry Beyond Time

How do you describe sfogliatelle beyond perhaps as one of Abruzzo’s and Southern Italy’s favourite indulgences?

Aglio Styling by Maestro Luigi

Hung out to dry, one of those verbs and idioms that means so much more to farmers and foodies and the drying season has begun in earnest in Abruzzo

Brodetto Vastese – The Winding Barter Fish Soup

Brodetto Vastese the winding barter fish soup that like James Bond’s martini you shake not stir

If you’re Fond of Sand Dunes & Salty Air,
Quaint Little Vineyards that Really Care

don’t you love it when visiting a place evokes a half-forgotten tune from memory’s depths to perfectly suit the ambiance of where you’re at…?

Sweet Bedfellows Squid in Tomato Sauce with Polenta

Succulent sweet squid in a thick tomato sauce served on a bed of creamy grilled polenta – juxtaposed textures make for unlikely but perfect bedfellows

Plutonic Love – Italia’s Mint Pancakes

If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical Shrove, Fat, Martedi Grasso waist extenders you could try Italia’s sublime mint pancakes

Orange & Pistachio Lady Marmalade

When facing down a caustic winter wind and shovelfuls of snow it’s time to make marmalade with its warming bitter sweet aroma that permeates each room in the house

Timballo Alla Teramana – A Cook’s Landscape

More than just a scrumptious Abruzzo ‘pie’, Timballo Teramana is a cook’s panoramic photograph of the fertile Teramo landscape

The Pot Bellied Big One – Ventricina Teramana

A delicious squishy salami by the name of Ventricina Teramana lightly spread onto smoky bruschetta is perfect for stamping on Jack Frost’s party plans

What to expect from the 2011 Abruzzo Wine Harvest

Missed the fresh fruity notes of San Martino’s vino novello on 11th November? our friends Talamonti provided pictures of their harvest to rekindle summer warmth

Warm Pumpkin & Hazelnut Autumn Panzanella

What would panzanella or its seasonal variants be without gorgeous olive oil, the key that unlocks and lets a dish’s ingredients bask and us to lap them up

Abruzzo’s Autumn Walking Colours via La Mascionara

Autumn in Abruzzo begins in earnest in mid-October, down on its wine-growing hills, valleys and Adriatic beaches it’s still a temperate 24C mid-October

Eating the Arcobaleno – Navelli’s Rainbow Pot

Navelli in L’Aquila is famous for two autumn crops, saffron & chickpeas, combined with rainbow chard they make the perfect one-pot dish

Basta the Pasta at Stuzzicheria Momenti di Gusto

No matter how much we all adore pasta sometimes a night out without a noodle in sight can be a welcome change like at Canzano’s Stuzzicheria Momenti di Gusto

Abruzzo Blackberry Ratafià – The Foragers’ Liqueur

Brambles appear on every continent this Abruzzo Blackberry Ratafià recipe ensures that where ever in the world you’re based you can toast Italy’s rocky heart!

Talamonti – Wine & Design Combine Divine in Abruzzo

Set within the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Abruzzo Azienda Vinicola Talamonti provides the visitor with an excellent opportunity to see a small-scale Abruzzo wine producer in operation

Abruzzo Ferragosto Dessert – Ricotta with Marinated Peaches

With Ferragosto’s multi-course feast arrival, it’s time to find an Abruzzo peach of a dessert that’s delicious & will slip down after the previous excess

Get Stuffing – Cornetto Stuffed Peppers (Peperoni Ripieni)

Stuffing – one of the most universally loved comfort foods with an ability to transform a base ingredient into a show stealer like in ‘Stuffed Peppers’

Figs Glorious Figs – Chieti Fig Orange & Fennel Seed Tart

A traditional Chieti fresh fig tart that’s perfect for summer and a great way to entice that very rare breed of ‘not fond of figs’…

Roasted Ombrina at La Sirenella Fossacesia Marina

Although there is plenty of coastline in Abruzzo, if you want to sit to eat your fish on the sea it’s a little difficult but there is Ristorante La Sirenella

Meltdown – An Ice-Cream Meditation Moment

When the going gets sticky and the temperature nudges 40°C you know it’s time to hit the ice-cream parlour, especially one like Copa De Dora where it’s home-made

Talli d’aglio – Most Delicate Waste Not Want Not Seasoning

Fresh talli d’aglio resemble a long skinny spring onion with woody multi-kneed joints no wonder I didn’t recognise them from the jars of preserved ‘Zolla’ I’d had

The Pull of Wild Marjoram

Mmmmm sweet marjoram, I grow it on my terrace and the old ladies in the their orto but its pull is outdone by that of the scrubby wild patch of wild marjoram

Restaurant Plistia –Where to Splash out on a Meal in Abruzzo

Everyone deserves fine dining and a bit of a splash out sometimes, Pescasseroli’s Plistia provides that & a perfect place to eat after visiting Abruzzo’s bears

St Tommaso & the Morizio’s Inspirational Beans & Bitter Greens

There is nothing quite like being out in Abruzzo in the summer and being served beans with the addition of some curly bitter greens

Ratify Summer with Cherry & Ricotta Ice-Cream

There’s nothing in the world like sweet juicy cherries & their loud welcome to the start of the summer – but cherry ice-cream is the best way to ratify summer!

Fine Fish at Trattoria Luciana – Roseto degli Abruzzi

Trattoria Luciana is probably the best fish restaurant to visit if you’re enjoying Roseto degli Abruzzi’s blue flag beach

Ekk – Abruzzo’s Eco Gourmet Experience in Città Sant’Angelo

Ekk’s new restaurant in the former Città Sant’Angelo co-operative cantina could soon be making the term Ekko-Gourmet more prolific regionally

Liquorice: All Sorts in Abruzzo

Abruzzo liquorice may not have as intriguingly edible a mascot as Bassetts’ Bertie, but it has a pedigree of greater antiquity perhaps than even Britain’s

Shepherd’s Steak – Abruzzo’s Pastoral Cheese on Toast

A traditional Abruzzo cheese recipe that combines 2 of my favourite ingredients: cheese & mint as well as being a canny roadmap to its socio-economic history

Orlandi Contucci Ponno’s Meditation on Abruzzo Wines

With a description of Rioja-esque Montepulciano d’Abruzzo & friends-of-friends buying 300+ bottles to privately ship back to the UK it was time for tasting

Aladdin’s Cave of Veggie Delight & O so Much More

An Aladdin’s Cave of multicoloured delights & weekly changing cornucopia of beans & dried things to stumble into which show local can compete with the big boys

Virtues of Le Virtù – Teramo’s Tasty Spring Clean Soup

May 1 sees the Teramo region of Abruzzo celebrate with Le Virtù, a big, strong & incredible soup the aim of allowing you to taste 28 ingredients individually

La Fiaccola – Organic Eating out in Anversa degli Abruzzi

La Fiaccola isn’t a glamorous, fancy-pants restaurant but more importantly it serves great tasting simple dishes that need trying if in Anversa degli Abruzzi

Fiadoni – Fee-fi-fo-fum I Smell a Gorgeous Cheese Pastry…

How I love Fiadone, I still have no idea whether to define them as a cheese pie, dumpling or what others strangely call an Easter flan even though it has a lid

An Abruzzo Easter Springtime Tradition – Agnello Cacio e Ovo

One of Abruzzo’s tastiest springtime traditions, agnello cacio e ovo (lamb in lemon, egg & cheese sauce) arrives with the Easter celebrations

Blissful Breakfast – Almond Lemon & Ricotta Cake

A tangy Almond Lemon & Ricotta Cake for gluttons that like to indulge in a couple of slices like me, it’s gluten & butter free…

Abruzzo’s Succulent Spring Grass – Agretti

Raving about succulent spring grass is something normally reserved for those rearing animals rather than cooking but agretti is something to shout about

Abruzzo’s King of Antipasti La Loggia Antica

King of antipasti is going to be my catchphrase for Abruzzo’s La Loggia Antica agriturismo, it’s a hard-won title, Abruzzo agriturismi offer a wide range of scrummy antipasti

Pink Step into Abruzzo Summer with an Orchard Beat

Celebrating summertime in Cellino Attanasio; grey hues of dusk softening those baroque orchard blossoms as our neighbours get busy with olives husbandry

Blessed are the Primavera Peas Givers

Oh the charm of my local veggie lady who sets up stall in Tossicia & oozes rapport; she could teach Retail Experts plenty about the beauty of repeat purchases!

Abruzzo Chardonnay Triumphs at Chardonnay du Monde

If you’re a Chardonnay lover, now’s time to look out for 3 Abruzzo greats following their triumph at Burgandy’s Chardonnay du Monde competition

Happy Birthday Italy – United by Odori

Celebrating 150 years with one common scented tri-colour, ‘odori’ that whose scent when frying in olive oil cause stomachs to gurgle cartwheels in anticipation

Carnival Topsy-Turvy Pasta – Ravioli Dolci

Carnevale is famous for things being turned upside down; women become men, men become animals & ravioli gets an equal flipping in Abruzzo’s Teramo province

La Torre di Pretoro, Majella’s Maestros of Taste & Ambiance

Great food, beautiful decor & location, fresh flowers and magnificent window views onto Chieti’s hill-top towns are reasons to visit Pretoro’s La Torre

Mazzarelle – Abruzzo’s Haggis Dolmades

What to eat when the wind whistles down the chimney and seems to have frozen every last bit of moisture in the ground? Perhaps Mazzarelle Teramane in rich sugo

La Locanda Dei Priori, Celano – Warring Buffet & Beyond

Ensconced, almost hidden, within the Hotel Le Gole, Celano, the restaurant Locanda dei Priori proudly offers up an excellent selection of cuisine

Getting Fruity at Roccamorice’s Agriturismo Tholos

For a fruity twist lunch try Roccamorice’s Agriturismo Tholos & sample green spicy fig salsa with Crema di Pecorino sausages & antique Roman dishes

February, Fever, Fishbones & Fenugreek Biscuits

Fever, February, Fishbones & Fenugreek are not something that grab you as having a lot in common today I learnt otherwise

Where Truckers Eat Fish in Abruzzo – Silvi Marina’s Boston Motel

The Boston Motel in Silvi Marina is white linen truckers’ tasty pit stop to eat fish, after a both delicious and affordable visit we can see why they swing by

Stewed Borlotti & Porcini Bliss at Taverna Sette Effe

Sometimes you visit a little restaurant that is off the beaten track in Abruzzo and within a few mouthfuls know you have struck gold, Sette Effe is one of these

Upside Down Wild Cherry & Chocolate Polenta Cake

Swirly whirly snowflakes are falling outside; to revive flavours of Abruzzo summer I baked an upside down chocolate & wild cherry polenta cake

The Fourth Musketeer & Salsiccia di Fegato

The prominence & importance of the local butcher is, dare I whisper, more than the priest; this is the man who really will see you right in this world

The Start of an Abruzzo Christmas Feast – Minestra di Cardi

Across Abruzzo’s valley and mountains, the Christmas lunch feast more often than not begins with peppery Cardoons cooked in a rich chicken broth

Seeking Rifugio in Calascio

There’s no better place for lunch than Rifugio della Rocca in Calascio following the scaling of Rocca Calascio’s fortified walls and encroaching rocky hillside

Caggionetti, Calgionetti, Caggiunitt at Christmas Time

No matter how you pronounce them, Abruzzo’s traditional Christmas treats Caggionetti are one of the best Christmas treasures around

Beetroot & Farro Soup with Peperoncini & Pancetta Sprinkles

When the snow shuffles down the Abruzzo’s mountains, a cacophony of snowflakes, icicles scream “minestra time” especially farro & beetroot soup

The Ancient Port of Cerrano restaurant, Pineto

Pineto on the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo is one of several coastal towns hugely popular in the summer for its sandy beaches and warm sea, and also its excellent supply of freshly caught fish

La Tana del Lupo – Scagnano Restaurant with Lovely Gazebo

La Tana del Lupo (The Wolf’s Den) in the small village of Scagnano was a lovely discovery for lunch after a late morning visit to nearby church of S Tommaso

Damn Fine Turkey Nereto

Damn fine turkey aka Nereto Turkey (Tacchino alla Neretese); is not something I ever thought I’d be either eating or writing about

Navelli’s Saffron Queen and the Power of Bling

How the Italian Renaissance love of bling picked-up the fortunes of Navelli in L’Aquila via the production of saffron, its precious red gold spice

Sharing a Giggle at Giglio Rosso, Ornano Grande

Tucked off the main road through Ornano Grande, Ristorante Giglio Rosso restaurant and pizza take-away is housed in a large, modern building which also serves as a hotel (La Locanda del Parco) and conference facility

Romanesco Cauliflower Soup with Conchigliette

This cauliflower soup was inspired by one of our recent NY guests who had mentioned seeing a lime-coloured cauliflower broccoli in Bologna, what was it?

Power Ranger Fresh Rosehip & Abruzzo Herb Tea

This fresh rosehip & herb infusion was inspired by a tea provided by Marco at Sextantio, the boutique hotel set Abruzzo’s Medici town of Santo Stefano

Moo it’s Time for Squacquerone Abruzzese Style

Squacquerone is a fresh & Italian tangy cow cheese that has been given an Abruzzesi makeover by the artisan cheesemakers La Mascionara

Feasting Amongst Frattoli’s Mountains of the Lake

Monti della Laga (Mountains of the Lake) is a popular trattoria situated just north of the Strada Maestra (SS80), in the small town of Frattoli in the Teramo region of Abruzzo

Spicy Italian Roasted Pickled Onions Antipasti

Cipolline are an Italian pearl onion found all over Abruzzo in the Autumn that are perfect for making into spicy roast pickled onions for an antipasti

Abruzzo Beans Plus Greens Rape & Borlotti

Beans plus greens isn’t something that n measures high on the “excitometer”, but an age-old traditional Abruzzi dish of borlotti & rape is so tasty

The Lovely Notes of Nicodemi’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

I had ventured out many times with the name of Nicodemi on my list of “to buy” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo thanks to a friend in the wine business

The Enticement of Roasted Peppers

“And the smell of Fire-Roasted Peppers Began Licking round the Door” an extra temptation to the colourful noises and smells of village life in Abruzzo

Abruzzo Autumn Comfort Fest – Fritti di Latte

Autumn weather and a windy afternoon outside just screams for Fritti di Latte, which is a speciality all around Montorio al Vomano in Abruzzo’s Teramo province

Bascianella’s Fagioli Rock

Beanz Meanz Barrowfuls of Fagioli, sweet & creamy, beautifully dapled Borlotti Beans to give them their real name, to shell in September.

Pecorino’s Perfect Pear Partner

A bucketful of windfall pears goes a long way into providing some relish to pecorino cheese…

Rosemary Crisp Beach Snack Bliss

These rosemary crisps have become our beach snack bliss along with a glass or 2 of pear juice, here’s the recipe…

Truffled out at Villa Umberto

As you swing into the long drive of Villa Umberto that sits south of Teramo you do have a feeling that you’re about to enter a glam weekend retreat health camp

The Power of Pancetta

Die-hard vegetarians frequently say that the only thing they miss is a bacon sandwich; away from Abruzzo I miss La Mascionara’s pancetta

Capestrano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo: the Joy of an Old Friend

Whether or not you consider yourself a wine aficionado there’ll be bottles that you remember, & for me one of these is the Capestrano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Chilling with Watermelon & Peperoncini Honey Granita

This zesty watermelon granita recipe pulls together Abruzzo’s most readily available ingredients & flavours at the start of summer

Summer Treat – Ravioli with Ricotta & Walnuts

If you are looking for a light, tasty & inexpensive filling for some summer ravioli, one classic stuffing is walnut & ricotta

Plaiting the Abruzzo Sun; a Frittata Recipe With the Remains

It’s pick and plait time here in Abruzzo at the moment, with onions and garlic becoming works of art

Casale San Giovanni – A Fossacesia Foodies Delight

In Abruzzo there are agriturismo, and then there are agriturismo like Fossacesia’s Casale San Giovanni that are a super foodies’ delight

Villadoro Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2007 – Beautiful Surprises

I will be the first to admit I had not heard of Villadoro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo but as you will soon see I think I stumbled on the surprise of the month.

Last of the Wild Asparagus & Start of Unofficial Summer

Unofficially Summer has begun as the last of the wild asparagus is picked or rather not available to be picked

Locanda delle Streghe &The Philosopher’s Cheese

Locanda delle Streghe is a tasty new addition to the beautiful medieval town of Castel del Monte

It’s not all Calamari -Totani Ripieni: Stuffed Squid Recipe

Squid, one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful, elegant yet predacious creatures; mournful enough to make you really think twice about eating it

Farnese Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2007 – Terrific Buy

If you have experience with Abruzzese vintners then you know that the name Farnese is associated with affordable ready to drink Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine

Frondarola’s Fattoria Fabiocchi, Teramo

Fattoria Fabiocchi, located just off the road between Montorio al Vomano and Teramo in Abruzzo, is an intriguing agriturismo/restaurant, at least for the air of mystery it has presented to

Continue reading…

Pietracamela’s Art Restaurant Gran Sasso Residence

Pietracamela‘s Gran Sasso Residence is a wonderfully intimate little Abruzzo restaurant that is really worth checking out for both its food and art

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2006

Cantina Zaccagnini’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is as popular in New York as it is back home in Abruzzo with 8/10 wine shops carrying this brand just in NY

Foodies Photography Competition

Our photography competition is to remember those affected by L’Aquila’s earthquake & celebrate their cuisine to recapture the spirit of ‘home’

Ceci dell’Aquila – a Delicious Chickpea Stew

How to fight off the hissing winter blades of freezing castle drafts – feast on hot bowls of stewed Ceci dell’Aquila.

Masciarelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2006)

This Montepulciano d’Abruzzo by Gianni Masciarelli was first produced in 81 from his multiple estates in Teramo & Chieti, ruby red with an unexpected delivery

La Porchetta – An Abruzzo Spring Break Treat

Exploring the Abruzzo provinces of Teramo, Chieti, Pescara & l’Aquila in the Spring with a salty porchetta panino in hand

For the Love of Borlotti

Borlotti lingua di fuoco (tongue of fire) sounds like an opera with aphrodisiac qualities rather than one of the eldest variety of the beautiful borlotti bean

Pasta Fagioli con le Cotiche all ‘Abruzzese Recipe

I use Queen of Abruzzo cuisine Anna Teresa Callen’s recipe for Pasta fagioli con le cotiche all ‘Abruzzese in her recipe book Food & Memories of Abruzzo

Roll Over Ruby Slippers, it’s Tasty Olive Oil that Transports you Home to Abruzzo

Roll over Dorothy, you may put on a pair of ruby slippers to get home, but for a quick hit of Abruzzo we uncork my neighbours olive oil

Obi Wan Zenobi – Chasing a Red in Abruzzo Wine Country

Part of the joy of having a break in Abruzzo Italy is that supermarkets stock local produce allowing you to experiment buying local wines; in the case of this story a Zenobi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. If, as they frequently do, a glass of wine quite bowls you over (in a good way), it can turn into a little adventure that sees you setting off to seek the wine’s source;

Walking in Nerito & Scrumptious Dining at La Rocchetta

If you’re out walking in or around the woods or nearby lakes that surround Nerito di Crognaleto head to the family-run restaurant La Rocchetta for lunch

A Tasty Abruzzo Christmas Present

Porta dei Parchi offers the perfect solution for those seeking an Abruzzo or Italian Christmas present for the family who love a little bit of cheese!

La Fornace in Colledara – Pizza Pasta Perfect

La Fornace is on the road between between the San Gabriele-Colledara exit off the A24 and Colledara, the pizzas were wonderfully thin and crispy, what a texture

A Cachi Christmas

If there is one thing that grows extremely well in time for Christmas in Abruzzo it is persimmon, known locally as cachi or as kaki & fruit of the gods

The Fantastic Cantina del Tripio of Guardiagrele – From Horace to Horse

Guardiagrele, famous for its craft shops, a quick walk through the deserted streets led us to the restaurant Cantina del Tripio ravenous with hunger

Agriturismo Lidia Sardinara – the Best Polpettine

Agriturismo Lidia in Sardinara is perfect for those looking to experience traditional and excellent Teramo-style food, and only a short drive from Villa Vomano

The Restaurant at Ortona’s Old Theatre; from Toast to Tosti

On a fact-finding mission into oil drilling in Abruzzo, we visited the coastal town of Ortona and the charming Ristorante al Vecchio Teatro

Sulmona Red Garlic Probably the Best Garlic in the World

Red Sulmona Garlic is barely known outside the world of gourmets, chefs and those who have been on holiday to Abruzzo Italy but once you try you’ll be hooked

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Wine – Gathering a Landscape in a Glass

What can 5 years living in Abruzzo bring? A deep falling in love with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine: a red that is made from fat & juicy Montepulciano grapes

La Locanda Del Borgo Dei Mugnai, L’Aquila – Inspirational food, service and restaurant

Top gastronomic discovery of our last visit to Abruzzo is definitely La Locanda Del Borgo Dei Mugnai near the small town Tornimparte just outside L’Aquila

Agriturismo il Feudo, Teramo – Best Antipasti for Veggies!

Il Feudo is a sweet little azienda agriturismo located off the road between Roseto and Val Vomano in the Teramo province, close to called Castelnuovo Vomano

Thorny Flavours – Abruzzo Cardoons & Artichokes

One thing not to miss whilst eating out on holidays in Abruzzo is those most noble of thistles – the delicate artichoke and the peppery cardoon

Osteria dei Cantautori – a Great Little Atri Restaurant

The Osteria dei Cantautori in Atri was an excellent, intimate lunchtime restaurant find after a visit to the Atri Cathedral and the C12th benedictine cloister

Ristorante il Mandrone, San Pietro, Teramo

If you are looking for a beautiful gem of an Abruzzo restaurant in Province of Teramo, Il Mandrone, San Pietro, is the icing on the cake for its glorious food

Pecorino, a Fragrant White Wine by Abruzzo’s Cerulli

A must-try organic Abruzzo white wine is the Pecorino by Cerulli Irelli Spinozzi’s vineyard in Teramo. Proof that Trebbiano’s not the only Abruzzo white wine!

Restaurant Locanda del Cervo – fine food up high

On the road between Montorio Vomano & Campotosto is the understated restaurant Locanda del Cervo; this excellent roadside restaurant is one of our favourites

Agriturismo la Pergolata, Cellino Attanasio

As foody agriturismi go La Pergolata was excellent find, & one of the oldest agriturismi we had been to; quality of service, the food & the wine all great

Restaurant Villa Nerina, Miano – Abruzzo’s L.A. Story?

Getting off the beaten track sometimes bears restaurant fruit, One such fruit, and a strange one at that, was the restaurant Villa Nerina in Miano Teramo

Vino Novello Abruzzo Style

November 11 through to Christmas & up to Easter is a great time to be on holiday in Abruzzo, as it’s when the ‘Vino Novello’ is in abundant supply

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