Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Cakes, Biscuits & Desserts

Pumpkin, Rosemary & Raisin Fritters

Why eat pie when you can indulge and have these delectable pumpkin, rosemary & raisin fritters rolled in crunchy cinnamon sugar

Pizzelle, Cancellate … Nonna’s Ugly Iron that Melts Hearts

An Abruzzese light and tasty must-try dish that rivals the region’s beloved arrosticini for fame are Pizzelle, Cancellate, Neole or Ferratelle depending on which of the provinces you are in

Sweet Giulia’s Ricotta & Chocolate Lattice Tart

A moist and light ricotta and chocolate lattice tart all the way from Manoppelo Abruzzo, home to Veronica’s Veil and Casale Centurione Country House

Mimina’s Christmas Pastries – Ceci Ripieni

Mimina’s tasty Christmas pastries ceci ripeni are a little different to those we eat up in the province of Teramo and called caggionetti. They team chickpeas, almonds and dark chocolate and coat them in the town of Prezza’s famous mosto cotto, encasing them in a soft egg based fried pastry

Bocconotti Montoriesi – Abruzzo’s Seductive Spirit Boasting Pastries

Bocconotti Montoriesi are seductive rustic pastries that celebrate Abruzzo’s most acclaimed harvests around the former Roman small town of Montorio Val Vomano in Teramo. 

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Mostaccioli Cookies

Mostaccioli… delicious Italian Christmas cookies that can use up half drunk bottles of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo left over from the night before

Guardiagrele Torrone – A Storyteller’s Sweetmeat

Not many Abruzzo sweets can boast being the favourite of Ignazio Silone, the region’s most famous author acclaimed for his Abruzzo Trilogy.

Blackberry & Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Granita

Blackberries, arhhh such an easy catapult back to childhood, those fat juicy blackberries being such easy low-level pickings for any age at any time

Sfogliatelle – The Pastry Beyond Time

How do you describe sfogliatelle beyond perhaps as one of Abruzzo’s and Southern Italy’s favourite indulgences?

Orange & Pistachio Lady Marmalade

When facing down a caustic winter wind and shovelfuls of snow it’s time to make marmalade with its warming bitter sweet aroma that permeates each room in the house

Abruzzo Ferragosto Dessert – Ricotta with Marinated Peaches

With Ferragosto’s multi-course feast arrival, it’s time to find an Abruzzo peach of a dessert that’s delicious & will slip down after the previous excess

Figs Glorious Figs – Chieti Fig Orange & Fennel Seed Tart

A traditional Chieti fresh fig tart that’s perfect for summer and a great way to entice that very rare breed of ‘not fond of figs’…

Ratify Summer with Cherry & Ricotta Ice-Cream

There’s nothing in the world like sweet juicy cherries & their loud welcome to the start of the summer – but cherry ice-cream is the best way to ratify summer!

Blissful Breakfast – Almond Lemon & Ricotta Cake

A tangy Almond Lemon & Ricotta Cake for gluttons that like to indulge in a couple of slices like me, it’s gluten & butter free…

February, Fever, Fishbones & Fenugreek Biscuits

Fever, February, Fishbones & Fenugreek are not something that grab you as having a lot in common today I learnt otherwise

Upside Down Wild Cherry & Chocolate Polenta Cake

Swirly whirly snowflakes are falling outside; to revive flavours of Abruzzo summer I baked an upside down chocolate & wild cherry polenta cake

Caggionetti, Calgionetti, Caggiunitt at Christmas Time

No matter how you pronounce them, Abruzzo’s traditional Christmas treats Caggionetti are one of the best Christmas treasures around

Abruzzo Autumn Comfort Fest – Fritti di Latte

Autumn weather and a windy afternoon outside just screams for Fritti di Latte, which is a speciality all around Montorio al Vomano in Abruzzo’s Teramo province

Pecorino’s Perfect Pear Partner

A bucketful of windfall pears goes a long way into providing some relish to pecorino cheese…

Chilling with Watermelon & Peperoncini Honey Granita

This zesty watermelon granita recipe pulls together Abruzzo’s most readily available ingredients & flavours at the start of summer