Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Secondo – Mains & Accompanients

Pescarese Baked Fish with Lemon Caper Mash

The Abruzzesi adore their baked fish,(Pesce al Cartoccio), and it varies in each of the 3 provinces that nudge its Adriatic coast

Brodetto Vastese – The Winding Barter Fish Soup

Brodetto Vastese the winding barter fish soup that like James Bond’s martini you shake not stir

Warm Pumpkin & Hazelnut Autumn Panzanella

What would panzanella or its seasonal variants be without gorgeous olive oil, the key that unlocks and lets a dish’s ingredients bask and us to lap them up

Eating the Arcobaleno – Navelli’s Rainbow Pot

Navelli in L’Aquila is famous for two autumn crops, saffron & chickpeas, combined with rainbow chard they make the perfect one-pot dish

Get Stuffing – Cornetto Stuffed Peppers (Peperoni Ripieni)

Stuffing – one of the most universally loved comfort foods with an ability to transform a base ingredient into a show stealer like in ‘Stuffed Peppers’

St Tommaso & the Morizio’s Inspirational Beans & Bitter Greens

There is nothing quite like being out in Abruzzo in the summer and being served beans with the addition of some curly bitter greens

Shepherd’s Steak – Abruzzo’s Pastoral Cheese on Toast

A traditional Abruzzo cheese recipe that combines 2 of my favourite ingredients: cheese & mint as well as being a canny roadmap to its socio-economic history

Virtues of Le Virtù – Teramo’s Tasty Spring Clean Soup

May 1 sees the Teramo region of Abruzzo celebrate with Le Virtù, a big, strong & incredible soup the aim of allowing you to taste 28 ingredients individually

An Abruzzo Easter Springtime Tradition – Agnello Cacio e Ovo

One of Abruzzo’s tastiest springtime traditions, agnello cacio e ovo (lamb in lemon, egg & cheese sauce) arrives with the Easter celebrations

Mazzarelle – Abruzzo’s Haggis Dolmades

What to eat when the wind whistles down the chimney and seems to have frozen every last bit of moisture in the ground? Perhaps Mazzarelle Teramane in rich sugo

Damn Fine Turkey Nereto

Damn fine turkey aka Nereto Turkey (Tacchino alla Neretese); is not something I ever thought I’d be either eating or writing about

Abruzzo Beans Plus Greens Rape & Borlotti

Beans plus greens isn’t something that n measures high on the “excitometer”, but an age-old traditional Abruzzi dish of borlotti & rape is so tasty

Plaiting the Abruzzo Sun; a Frittata Recipe With the Remains

It’s pick and plait time here in Abruzzo at the moment, with onions and garlic becoming works of art

It’s not all Calamari -Totani Ripieni: Stuffed Squid Recipe

Squid, one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful, elegant yet predacious creatures; mournful enough to make you really think twice about eating it

Ceci dell’Aquila – a Delicious Chickpea Stew

How to fight off the hissing winter blades of freezing castle drafts – feast on hot bowls of stewed Ceci dell’Aquila.