Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Style & Ingredients

Saragolla – Abruzzo’s Blonde Egyptian Queen

The tale of a small ancient Egyptian grain: hard & glassy like amber, nicknamed the ‘Pharaoh’s Wheat’ that flourished in Abruzzo post migration and genocide

Cachi – Winner of Italy’s Most Beautiful Autumn Fruit

Cachi is Italy’s most aesthetically beautiful Autumn fruit. Its soul-stirring shades of spotted pinks, reds & orange leaves counter setting the clocks back

Real Men Blowdry – An Arrosticini Classic

Skewer me down or should that be spiedini, my summer was spent in finding the perfect arrosticini from Abruzzo to London juicy succulent tender mouthfuls of grilled castrato

Sod the Geraniums Colour Me Peperoncini & Dulce

No matter how much I appreciate the blast of soft colour that geraniums force into a harsh Abruzzo summer white light, I love even more the swags of wizened peperoncini

Dry Shrivelled & Bewildered

Dry, Shrivelled and Bewildered hmm that’s the finale to the tomato crop this year, as sung in my head by our neighbours anyway.

Aglio Styling by Maestro Luigi

Hung out to dry, one of those verbs and idioms that means so much more to farmers and foodies and the drying season has begun in earnest in Abruzzo

Abruzzo’s Autumn Walking Colours via La Mascionara

Autumn in Abruzzo begins in earnest in mid-October, down on its wine-growing hills, valleys and Adriatic beaches it’s still a temperate 24C mid-October

Meltdown – An Ice-Cream Meditation Moment

When the going gets sticky and the temperature nudges 40°C you know it’s time to hit the ice-cream parlour, especially one like Copa De Dora where it’s home-made

Talli d’aglio – Most Delicate Waste Not Want Not Seasoning

Fresh talli d’aglio resemble a long skinny spring onion with woody multi-kneed joints no wonder I didn’t recognise them from the jars of preserved ‘Zolla’ I’d had

The Pull of Wild Marjoram

Mmmmm sweet marjoram, I grow it on my terrace and the old ladies in the their orto but its pull is outdone by that of the scrubby wild patch of wild marjoram

Liquorice: All Sorts in Abruzzo

Abruzzo liquorice may not have as intriguingly edible a mascot as Bassetts’ Bertie, but it has a pedigree of greater antiquity perhaps than even Britain’s

Aladdin’s Cave of Veggie Delight & O so Much More

An Aladdin’s Cave of multicoloured delights & weekly changing cornucopia of beans & dried things to stumble into which show local can compete with the big boys

Abruzzo’s Succulent Spring Grass – Agretti

Raving about succulent spring grass is something normally reserved for those rearing animals rather than cooking but agretti is something to shout about

Pink Step into Abruzzo Summer with an Orchard Beat

Celebrating summertime in Cellino Attanasio; grey hues of dusk softening those baroque orchard blossoms as our neighbours get busy with olives husbandry

Blessed are the Primavera Peas Givers

Oh the charm of my local veggie lady who sets up stall in Tossicia & oozes rapport; she could teach Retail Experts plenty about the beauty of repeat purchases!

Happy Birthday Italy – United by Odori

Celebrating 150 years with one common scented tri-colour, ‘odori’ that whose scent when frying in olive oil cause stomachs to gurgle cartwheels in anticipation

The Fourth Musketeer & Salsiccia di Fegato

The prominence & importance of the local butcher is, dare I whisper, more than the priest; this is the man who really will see you right in this world

Navelli’s Saffron Queen and the Power of Bling

How the Italian Renaissance love of bling picked-up the fortunes of Navelli in L’Aquila via the production of saffron, its precious red gold spice

Moo it’s Time for Squacquerone Abruzzese Style

Squacquerone is a fresh & Italian tangy cow cheese that has been given an Abruzzesi makeover by the artisan cheesemakers La Mascionara

The Enticement of Roasted Peppers

“And the smell of Fire-Roasted Peppers Began Licking round the Door” an extra temptation to the colourful noises and smells of village life in Abruzzo

The Power of Pancetta

Die-hard vegetarians frequently say that the only thing they miss is a bacon sandwich; away from Abruzzo I miss La Mascionara’s pancetta

Last of the Wild Asparagus & Start of Unofficial Summer

Unofficially Summer has begun as the last of the wild asparagus is picked or rather not available to be picked

Foodies Photography Competition

Our photography competition is to remember those affected by L’Aquila’s earthquake & celebrate their cuisine to recapture the spirit of ‘home’

La Porchetta – An Abruzzo Spring Break Treat

Exploring the Abruzzo provinces of Teramo, Chieti, Pescara & l’Aquila in the Spring with a salty porchetta panino in hand

For the Love of Borlotti

Borlotti lingua di fuoco (tongue of fire) sounds like an opera with aphrodisiac qualities rather than one of the eldest variety of the beautiful borlotti bean

Roll Over Ruby Slippers, it’s Tasty Olive Oil that Transports you Home to Abruzzo

Roll over Dorothy, you may put on a pair of ruby slippers to get home, but for a quick hit of Abruzzo we uncork my neighbours olive oil

A Tasty Abruzzo Christmas Present

Porta dei Parchi offers the perfect solution for those seeking an Abruzzo or Italian Christmas present for the family who love a little bit of cheese!

A Cachi Christmas

If there is one thing that grows extremely well in time for Christmas in Abruzzo it is persimmon, known locally as cachi or as kaki & fruit of the gods

Sulmona Red Garlic Probably the Best Garlic in the World

Red Sulmona Garlic is barely known outside the world of gourmets, chefs and those who have been on holiday to Abruzzo Italy but once you try you’ll be hooked

La Porta dei Parchi &the Best Organic Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta yum! If you LOVE a cheese in which you can savour the Abruzzi Apennine meadows & taste the 120 herbs that were grazed to produce it, you’ll love this!

Peperoncino, Abruzzo’s Fiery Protagonist

If you love a holiday of colour and the wake up zing of chillies in your food, September is the time to holiday in Abruzzo. This is the time for diavolino!

Best Place to Food Shop in Abruzzo

The very best place to food shop in Abruzzo is our own village of Bascianella; most small mountain villages in the Gran Sasso Mountains have a daily delivery

Italia’s Perfect Pasta

Part of the fun of living in Abruzzo is understanding their criteria for what counts and what doesn’t; the belly rules supreme over other body bits in Abruzzo!