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Eating out

Bistrot 900 – Giulianova’s Food Crescendo

Bistrot 900 is the chance to meander Abruzzo, Italy and the world of modern cuisine where delectable ingredients are colourfully served that burst with surprising flavours

One Fab Lady Cook at Castel di Ieri’s Bar Ristorante da Lisa

Bar Ristorante da Lisa sits at the bottom of the fabulously named medieval town Castel di Ieri that overlooks sweeping meadows and vistas of Monte Sirente

The Place to Eat Ham in Abruzzo – Ristorante Belvedere

We’ve eaten a lot of ham over the last decade in Abruzzo, incl a Michelin-starred restaurant but none beat Nonna’s at Ristorante Belvedere, Loreto Aprutino

Ristorante zi Nicola & The Man that Doesn’t Like Fish

A fish restaurant run by a man that doesn’t like fish in Abruzzo? An excellent insight into how loyalty to family still holds strong in Italy

Basta the Pasta at Stuzzicheria Momenti di Gusto

No matter how much we all adore pasta sometimes a night out without a noodle in sight can be a welcome change like at Canzano’s Stuzzicheria Momenti di Gusto

Roasted Ombrina at La Sirenella Fossacesia Marina

Although there is plenty of coastline in Abruzzo, if you want to sit to eat your fish on the sea it’s a little difficult but there is Ristorante La Sirenella

Restaurant Plistia –Where to Splash out on a Meal in Abruzzo

Everyone deserves fine dining and a bit of a splash out sometimes, Pescasseroli’s Plistia provides that & a perfect place to eat after visiting Abruzzo’s bears

Fine Fish at Trattoria Luciana – Roseto degli Abruzzi

Trattoria Luciana is probably the best fish restaurant to visit if you’re enjoying Roseto degli Abruzzi’s blue flag beach

Ekk – Abruzzo’s Eco Gourmet Experience in Città Sant’Angelo

Ekk’s new restaurant in the former Città Sant’Angelo co-operative cantina could soon be making the term Ekko-Gourmet more prolific regionally

La Fiaccola – Organic Eating out in Anversa degli Abruzzi

La Fiaccola isn’t a glamorous, fancy-pants restaurant but more importantly it serves great tasting simple dishes that need trying if in Anversa degli Abruzzi

Abruzzo’s King of Antipasti La Loggia Antica

King of antipasti is going to be my catchphrase for Abruzzo’s La Loggia Antica agriturismo, it’s a hard-won title, Abruzzo agriturismi offer a wide range of scrummy antipasti

La Torre di Pretoro, Majella’s Maestros of Taste & Ambiance

Great food, beautiful decor & location, fresh flowers and magnificent window views onto Chieti’s hill-top towns are reasons to visit Pretoro’s La Torre

La Locanda Dei Priori, Celano – Warring Buffet & Beyond

Ensconced, almost hidden, within the Hotel Le Gole, Celano, the restaurant Locanda dei Priori proudly offers up an excellent selection of cuisine

Getting Fruity at Roccamorice’s Agriturismo Tholos

For a fruity twist lunch try Roccamorice’s Agriturismo Tholos & sample green spicy fig salsa with Crema di Pecorino sausages & antique Roman dishes

Where Truckers Eat Fish in Abruzzo – Silvi Marina’s Boston Motel

The Boston Motel in Silvi Marina is white linen truckers’ tasty pit stop to eat fish, after a both delicious and affordable visit we can see why they swing by

Stewed Borlotti & Porcini Bliss at Taverna Sette Effe

Sometimes you visit a little restaurant that is off the beaten track in Abruzzo and within a few mouthfuls know you have struck gold, Sette Effe is one of these

Seeking Rifugio in Calascio

There’s no better place for lunch than Rifugio della Rocca in Calascio following the scaling of Rocca Calascio’s fortified walls and encroaching rocky hillside

The Ancient Port of Cerrano restaurant, Pineto

Pineto on the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo is one of several coastal towns hugely popular in the summer for its sandy beaches and warm sea, and also its excellent supply of freshly caught fish

La Tana del Lupo – Scagnano Restaurant with Lovely Gazebo

La Tana del Lupo (The Wolf’s Den) in the small village of Scagnano was a lovely discovery for lunch after a late morning visit to nearby church of S Tommaso

Sharing a Giggle at Giglio Rosso, Ornano Grande

Tucked off the main road through Ornano Grande, Ristorante Giglio Rosso restaurant and pizza take-away is housed in a large, modern building which also serves as a hotel (La Locanda del Parco) and conference facility

Feasting Amongst Frattoli’s Mountains of the Lake

Monti della Laga (Mountains of the Lake) is a popular trattoria situated just north of the Strada Maestra (SS80), in the small town of Frattoli in the Teramo region of Abruzzo

Truffled out at Villa Umberto

As you swing into the long drive of Villa Umberto that sits south of Teramo you do have a feeling that you’re about to enter a glam weekend retreat health camp

Casale San Giovanni – A Fossacesia Foodies Delight

In Abruzzo there are agriturismo, and then there are agriturismo like Fossacesia’s Casale San Giovanni that are a super foodies’ delight

Locanda delle Streghe &The Philosopher’s Cheese

Locanda delle Streghe is a tasty new addition to the beautiful medieval town of Castel del Monte

Frondarola’s Fattoria Fabiocchi, Teramo

Fattoria Fabiocchi, located just off the road between Montorio al Vomano and Teramo in Abruzzo, is an intriguing agriturismo/restaurant, at least for the air of mystery it has presented to

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Pietracamela’s Art Restaurant Gran Sasso Residence

Pietracamela‘s Gran Sasso Residence is a wonderfully intimate little Abruzzo restaurant that is really worth checking out for both its food and art

Obi Wan Zenobi – Chasing a Red in Abruzzo Wine Country

Part of the joy of having a break in Abruzzo Italy is that supermarkets stock local produce allowing you to experiment buying local wines; in the case of this story a Zenobi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. If, as they frequently do, a glass of wine quite bowls you over (in a good way), it can turn into a little adventure that sees you setting off to seek the wine’s source;

Walking in Nerito & Scrumptious Dining at La Rocchetta

If you’re out walking in or around the woods or nearby lakes that surround Nerito di Crognaleto head to the family-run restaurant La Rocchetta for lunch

La Fornace in Colledara – Pizza Pasta Perfect

La Fornace is on the road between between the San Gabriele-Colledara exit off the A24 and Colledara, the pizzas were wonderfully thin and crispy, what a texture

The Fantastic Cantina del Tripio of Guardiagrele – From Horace to Horse

Guardiagrele, famous for its craft shops, a quick walk through the deserted streets led us to the restaurant Cantina del Tripio ravenous with hunger

Agriturismo Lidia Sardinara – the Best Polpettine

Agriturismo Lidia in Sardinara is perfect for those looking to experience traditional and excellent Teramo-style food, and only a short drive from Villa Vomano

The Restaurant at Ortona’s Old Theatre; from Toast to Tosti

On a fact-finding mission into oil drilling in Abruzzo, we visited the coastal town of Ortona and the charming Ristorante al Vecchio Teatro

La Locanda Del Borgo Dei Mugnai, L’Aquila – Inspirational food, service and restaurant

Top gastronomic discovery of our last visit to Abruzzo is definitely La Locanda Del Borgo Dei Mugnai near the small town Tornimparte just outside L’Aquila

Agriturismo il Feudo, Teramo – Best Antipasti for Veggies!

Il Feudo is a sweet little azienda agriturismo located off the road between Roseto and Val Vomano in the Teramo province, close to called Castelnuovo Vomano

Osteria dei Cantautori – a Great Little Atri Restaurant

The Osteria dei Cantautori in Atri was an excellent, intimate lunchtime restaurant find after a visit to the Atri Cathedral and the C12th benedictine cloister

Ristorante il Mandrone, San Pietro, Teramo

If you are looking for a beautiful gem of an Abruzzo restaurant in Province of Teramo, Il Mandrone, San Pietro, is the icing on the cake for its glorious food

Restaurant Locanda del Cervo – fine food up high

On the road between Montorio Vomano & Campotosto is the understated restaurant Locanda del Cervo; this excellent roadside restaurant is one of our favourites

Agriturismo la Pergolata, Cellino Attanasio

As foody agriturismi go La Pergolata was excellent find, & one of the oldest agriturismi we had been to; quality of service, the food & the wine all great

Restaurant Villa Nerina, Miano – Abruzzo’s L.A. Story?

Getting off the beaten track sometimes bears restaurant fruit, One such fruit, and a strange one at that, was the restaurant Villa Nerina in Miano Teramo

Ristorante San Giovanni di Fieni Luca, Isola del Gran Sasso

Picturesquely located on the outskirts of Isola del Gran Sasso, Ristorante San Giovanni di Fieni Luca sits next to the hill-top abbey San Giovanni ad Insulam

Agriturismo Gran Sasso, Pasta While you Fish

Gran Sasso, a cheery agriturismo with all the trappings you expect from a family eatery in Abruzzo; bright yellow tablecloths, the option to dine al fresco

Wax Lyrical about Agriturismo Collecera

Collecera is a fantastic agriturismo for those looking for a full food & lodging service in Abruzzo, near to Pescara and the olive groves of Loreta Aprutino

Agriturismo Viola, Tossicia

Agriturismo Viola in greater Tossicia is our nearest food-serving agriturismo. Approximately 4km away, a 5-minute drive or, if you want to build an appetite

Agriturismo Vaccari, Isola del Gran Sasso

Agriturismo Vaccari is the first Abruzzo agriturismo that we ever ate in, and it’s been our favourite ever since for friendliness, quality of food and the price

Ristorante da Luisetta, Colledoro di Castelli

We’ve eaten at Ristorante Da Luisetta, Colledoro, many times; each time deliciso, the only dilemma being the vastness of portions. Excellent for baccalà!

Osteria degli Ulivi, Montorio Al Vomano

Osteria degli Ulivi is a wonderful restaurant that we found unprompted & by chance on little side road, hidden in the hills just above Montorio al Vomano