Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Places & Sights

Tagliacozzo – It’s a Long Way to The Top

In Tagliacozzo you will see enough to fire your imagination, and if you have the time you can commence on a walk that will take you backwards through history

Do As the Romans Do: Take a Family Ski Holiday in Abruzzo

Ignore the Alps & head south to Aremogna, the preferred ski-destination for Romans & Neapolitans, where a budget family ski holiday doesn’t mean slumming it

Calascio – The Town with a Fable and La Rocca

“Chi si fa pecorella, i lupi la mangiano”. Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you.     People have been sheltering and  living ‘at the top’ in

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Learning how to Lasso the Moon in Abruzzo

How do you lasso the moon? A great vocab builder from one of the mural facades on the houses in Azzinano in Abruzzo in a collection devoted to games of the past

Free Kids Ski-Pass for Roccaraso’s Uncrowded Slopes

Kids ski-free? Time to try Roccaraso’s ski slopes famously uncrowded even at weekends when they get a little bit more traffic with Romans & Neapolitans

Hermitage of San Bartolomeo – On the Beatified Track to Sanity

Abruzzo’s most famous rock face hermitage, dedicated to San Bartolomeo in Legio and just outside the town of Roccamorice, is a wonder!

The Peace of Gessopalena on Armistice Day

Viewing Gessopalena’s shattered homes & memorial looking out at the fresh faced motherly Majella, you simultaneously view horror whilst seeing the beauty of freedom

Fontecchio –Abruzzo’s Living Breathing Medieval Gem

Fontecchio has a scrummy host of adjectives that can be associated with it which is why it’s high in my Top 5 of un-missable medieval Abruzzo towns to visit

Abruzzo Motorway Mouse Talk

It’s not often that you can rave about a motorway with a view, but Abruzzo’s autostrada A24 that leads from Teramo to Rome is a special road with enchanting views

Civita D’Antino’s Scandinavian Art Connection

Picturesque Civita D’Antino – commanding views of the Simbruini & Ernici mountains, cool temperatures, great wine & once home to a Scandinavian painting school

Roccascalegna – Abruzzo’s Castle in the Sky

Roccascalegna from a distance looks like a giant witch’s cloak rising up from the lush surrounding floor trying to break free of the Majella fencing it in

Where to Beach it – Blue Flag Beaches Abruzzo 2011

The Blue Flag Programme published its list of 14 Abruzzo beaches that received its 2011 recommended Blue Flag Status, here’s a map where they all are

San Pietro della Ienca – In the Footsteps of John Paul II

With Pope John Paul II set to become officially “blessed” on the 1st of May it seemed an appropriate time to visit one of his most beloved Italian retreats

The Bourbons Last Bastion Against Unification in Abruzzo

The fortress at Civitella del Tronto, Italy’s highest fort and the last Bourbon bastion against Italian Unification that fell 20 March 1861

Snowboarding at Passo Lanciano

Snowboarders galore at Passo Lanciano – inspirational traversing whilst looking out onto the Chieti coastline maybe a reason to snowboard in Abruzzo

Castello Piccolomini, a Museum & The Lost Lake

Castello Piccolomini’s quadrangular towers are one of those “can’t miss” sights as you drive around Abruzzo, worth a pop in especially its Marsica Museum

Rocca Calascio’s Winter Treat

Rocca Calascio’s crenelated turrets are particularly good to ramble around in Winter, when the snow & soft low light warms its grey stone bones

Abruzzo’s 2012 Ski Reports via Webcam or SMS

Ski-ing in Abruzzo 2011? Receive a free snow report via sms & check the web cams for Abruzzo’s Top 5 ski-resorts

Original Gestures at Chiesa San Tommaso

A riot of sculpted medieval expression isn’t a too common artistic phrase but one fully operational at Pescara’s church of San Tommaso deep in the Majella

Bittersweet Love at Sulmona’s Pelino Confetti Museum

For those who think confetti is a paper thing you throw at weddings the Pelino family’s Abruzzo variant is a little more organic and rather more tasty

Wonder of Abruzzo – Bominaco’s Oratorio of San Pellegrino

The Oratorio of San Pellegrino in Bominaco next to the hillside pine-clad Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta is quite simply a beautiful wonder

Catching an Abruzzo Sunset on Mottagrossa Beach

There’s nothing better than finding a great Abruzzo beach with some space to watch the sun go down

Medieval Fragments & Lunch The Orsini Would Have Approved

For those that like to time travel, Albe Vecchia, Alba Fucens medieval neighbour is an opportunity to hop through the feudal remains of the Orsini Family

Italy’s Living Museum of S Pietro d’Albe

S. Pietro d’Albe is one Abruzzo church that epitomises that blend of bewitching natural setting with antiquity which Italy, the living museum, is so famous for.

Alba Fucens – Rome’s Abruzzo Strategic Heart

Unlike so many of its famous cousins, Alba Fucens roman ruins allow you the freedom of being alone as you clamber & your imagination to fully run riot.

Pork for Thought at Carpineto Sinello’s Museum of the Pig

Carpineto Sinello’s Museo del Maiale (Pig Museum) is almost worth visiting just for the rolling vistas and technicolour fields up to this small, beautiful Chieti town

Punta della Penna Beach – Vasto’s Bio-Diverse Crown

Punta della Penna beach is Abruzzo’s & Vasto’s best kept secret which is framed by rolling vineyards and the panoramic coastal nature reserve of Punta Aderci

Abruzzo Blue Flag Beaches – 2010 Update!

Abruzzo’s beaches continue to shine as it upholds its Blue Flag standard! It has been awarded 22 EU Blue Flags

Tholoi – More than Stones in Abruzzo’s Clouds

Take a road trip up into any of the high pastures in Abruzzo’s Majella, Gran Sasso & northern Mount Fiori mountains & you start counting the Tholoi

Fossacesia – Worth Exploring Before Summer

Abruzzo’s coastal resorts are worth exploring in springtime; they’re less crowded and the weather is perfect for walking We asked Fossacesia resident, Pia De Simone to describe what to expect from the home of our favourite abbey at sunset San Giovanni in Venere.

Time to get Zen in Teramo’s Cathedral

Teramo’s Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta & San Bernardo, it’s positively Zen-like compared to some of the fleshier marble clad church interiors & worth a visit

Romancing the Stone[work] – at Abbey San Giovanni in Venere

Abruzzo provides an abundance of magnificent scenery, but one of the best for sunsets has to be Fossacesia’s San Giovanni in Venere Abbey in Chieti

Prato Selva – Perfect not just for Skiing but Biking too

The Abruzzo ski-resort of Prato Selva in the Province of Teramo, sits in the Gran Sasso Mountains just under Monte Corvo which rises up behind at 2523 masl

Ortona the Bought & Fought Blue Curve on a Golden Hill

Ortona has a historical reputation of being fought for and bought; its recent oil fight was one of the reasons we visited this small Abruzzo port town in Chieti

Skiing in Abruzzo

Skiing in Italy never used to quite have the kudos of some of its European neighbours such as Switzerland, but in the last decade its reputation has grown

Hot Holy Spa Waters of Acquasanta Terme

The sulphurous town of Acquasanta Terme should not really be in our online Abruzzo guide, as it’s in the neighbouring region of Le Marche but it’s only a hop

Worth a drizzle – Abruzzo Olive Oil Museum Loreto Aprutino

What would a holiday in Italy be without a trip to an Olive Oil Museum; particularly one as interesting as the Loreto Aprutino’s Museo dell’olio in Abruzzo

Trabocchi ~ Abruzzo Fishing for the Seasick

Trabocchi, sustainable fishing machines that resemble giant beached prawns sitting on the rocks with giant tendrils casting wide nets deep out via the shoreline

Capestrano Castle Capers

The fortified market town of Capestrano is probably every Italian model town maker’s dream with lofty castle set in Abruzzo’s largest national park

Roseto degli Abruzzi – a Low-rise Chilled Abruzzo Beach

Ain’t no doubt about it, Teramo province’s sandy beaches especially Roseto degli Abruzzi put the Abruzzo tourist traps of further south to shame

Pineto – a Beach to Walk Outside of Summer

Pineto is a small, soft sandy seaside town set on Teramo’s coastline. Part of Abruzzo’s ‘Sette Sorelle’ (7 Sisters), with its acclaimed Blue Flag status

Skirting Scanno ~ a Henri Cartier Bresson Moment

Immortalised by such renowned photographers as Henri Cartier Bresson & Mario Giacomelli, Scanno is Abruzzo’s cultural hot-spot

San Giustino Cathedral, Chieti

Located in the heart of the city of Chieti stands the Cathedral of San Giustino, one of the most important religious buildings of Abruzzo

National Museum of Abruzzo L’Aquila

The National Museum of Abruzzo, housed in the magnificently imposing Forte or Castello Spagnolo, a 16th century fortress which dominates the centre of L’Aquila

The Silence of Ocre Castle, L’Aquila

Termocrìs is Old Greek for rugged, from which the ruined Abruzzo town & Castle of Ocre derives its name. A perfectly apt description…

Tossicia’s Museum of Traditional Arts

Walking in Europe’s biggest parklands; a carpeted woodland of Abruzzo in winter is a scramble of textures & colours

Tossicia’s Greatest Church & Restaurant

Tossicia’s tiny antique church of S.Antonio Abate (St Anthony Abbot) may be small but it is like stumbling upon a chest of hidden treasure when you visit

Prati di Tivo – skiing in Abruzzo Italy

Prati di Tivo is our closest ski resort, open between December and April it is just a 40-minute drive away from our house in Abruzzo

Abruzzo Blue Flag Beaches

Abruzzo is very lucky to have a number of excellent Blue Flag beaches on the Adriatic; golden sands, turquoise seas & blue skies that are largely unspoilt

Rocca Calascio – a Fort Worth a Walk to

A short drive from one of our favourite places, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, is one of the oldest standing forts in Italy, the spectacular Rocca Calascio

Pietracamela – Medieval Gateway to the Gran Sasso Mountains

En route to ski resort Prati di Tivo is another of the wonderful hill-side medieval towns that Abruzzo does so well – Pietracamela

Aragno – an Abruzzo hotchpotch medieval village

Our June Abruzzo roadtrip from Bascianella to Aragno was one of those experiences when the journey is better than the destination

Santo Stefano di Sessanio

An experience not to be missed by anyone visiting Abruzzo has to be the amazing village Santo Stefano di Sessanio on the edge of the Campo Imperatore plain

The Bourbons Last  Bastion Against Unification: Civitella del Tronto

Civitella del Tronto, a 16th century town that grew up at the time of the Spanish domination of the area, around the magnificent Bourbon fortress

The Perfect Bank Holiday Beach

Want an uncrowded beach for the English August Bank Holiday but dread British coastal drabness. Come to Abruzzo!