Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Weather Through the Seasons

4 O’Clock Shadow with Corno Grande Styling

Abruzzo’s highest mountain may be famous for the dark matter but at 4.00 pm every day in early May there is a huge particle rush that drives a gigantic daily storm

Pork Chops & Blackbirds: Abruzzo’s Winter Weather Tales

Just in case you didn’t have the good fortune to be born in Abruzzo & be raised by your grandmother, here’s some of the folklore surrounding the end of winter

Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue means a carpet of speedwell in the olive groves competing with the sky as to who can chase the real blues away in Abruzzo till it’s officially Spring

Lights Out in Abruzzo…

perhaps not the whole region, but certainly in Bascianella! Snow finally alighted on Italy’s Rocky Heart this weekend, so hopefully Abruzzo’s ski-slopes will have been a-buzz with skiers

Abruzzo’s Winter Greens Shoot

A siren’s song has been serenading Abruzzo’s countryside this week via the warm and hazy sunshine, calling the crops to break out of their winter coat

The Beauty of Rain

Something that it doesn’t do a lot of in the summer in Abruzzo is rain; at the moment up here in Teramo province it’s tinder dry and fires have broken out

The Rain in The Pinewood – La pioggia nel pineto

The Abruzzo poet Gabrielle D’Annunzio alongside his lover Hermione explore the spirit of a damp Abruzzo forest listening to the rain falling on the different trees and plants

Abruzzo Style Christmas Wind

Well this Christmas Day in Abruzzo has to be our strangest yet, courtesy of a 130 km/h hot blasting scirocco, that left us feeling we were celebrating Easter

Winter Holidays in Abruzzo Italy – Top 10 Excuses to Visit

Although not a fan of Winter in general, here are my 10 reasons for taking a winter holiday in Italy’s rocky heart Abruzzo to help banish mid-winter blues!

Autumn in Abruzzo – Bounty, Beauty & Bereavement

A common question concerning holidays in Abruzzo is what’s it like to take a break in Abruzzo in Autumn, we recommend controversial poet Gabriele D’Annunzio

Abruzzo lets it Snow

The snow in Abruzzo has been falling thick & fast, needless to say the ski reports for the resorts in both Majella & Gran Sasso Mountains has been excellent

November Special Offer for lovers of Wine & Chestnuts

Considering a holiday to Abruzzo? The first 2 weeks of November should definitely be considered, especially if you are partial to wine, chestnuts & bonfires

An October Abruzzo Holiday Indulgence

Oh here are a couple of reasons to come for a quick holiday in Abruzzo. Fortunately October is still beach time in Abruzzo, albeit less ferociously hot!

Abruzzo Annual Weather Forecast

Abruzzo’s annual weather forecast & temperatures are affected by its 2 climates; ‘maritime’ along its Adriatic Coast & interior Apennine mountainous climate

Primavera, the Best time to Visit Abruzzo

Late April to mid May is the best time to visit Abruzzo for a holiday or long weekend break; it is still untouched, wild, with nature at its most flirty