Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Walking & Wildlife

3 Easy Ways to Bear Spot in Abruzzo

Bear spotting provides one of the most entrancing ways to explore Italy’s landscape, here are 3 easy ways to see them amble in Abruzzo

Help Save the Aventino River in Exchange for a Holiday in Abruzzo

Help Save Otto and the Aventino River in exchange for dinner, rafting and holiday in Abruzzo Italy

Act Now to Save Abruzzo’s Bears

Only 1.3k people of Abruzzo’s 1.3 million population have endorsed its local bear charity: help build awareness where locals are failing Abruzzo’s bears

Careful Bears on the Road, Road Safety for Abruzzo’s Bears

Abruzzo’s bears new fighting chance with the Careful Bears on the Road Campaign by their new champion Salviamo l’Orso (Save the Bears) assocation

Save the Aventino River

Abruzzo’s last unharnessed river, the Aventino faces being reduced to a trickle through new hydo-electric plans

Ticking Oil Bomb over Bomba

Bomba is still threatened by Forest Oil Corporation’s ticking oil time-bomb wielded by the silent and still undecided Italian National & Abruzzo Regional govts

Swallowtails Amazing

Daily sightings of glorious swallowtail butterflies may mean their caterpillars beat our neighbours exemplary debugging of their ortos in the heatwave

Turn to the Sun

Can you love an Italian flower name for its meaning more than its English counterpart? Sunflower in Italian becomes ‘Girasole’ its meaning twist or turn

Picnic Alert Time at Lago Campotosto

Lago Campotosto could be the perfect place to spread your picnic blanket, shade, incredible scenery & its own unique ‘belle of the picnic blanket’ salami

SOB – Abruzzo’s Stark Bear Necessity

The Marsican bears endemic to Italy’s Abruzzo region are in dire need of champions to persuade their human neighbours on the value of altruistic bare necessity living

Walking Abruzzo – New Strides in Your 60s

As frustrating as the day was, that 1st little hike was enough to wet our appetite for further exploration of Abruzzo on foot & arrange a hiking holiday

Majella Cloudwatching

Getting lost Majella cloudwatching from Roccascalegna; those puffy, fluffy, wispy racy bringers of rain held high in the sky with temperatures of 32 C

Snowpack Mountain

The marbled pattern of snowpacks from the 2150 masl at the Campo Imperatore Observatory on May’s Middle Sunday that sits just behind the Corno Grande peak

The Sleeping Giant Corno Piccolo & His Cerqueto Orchid Trail

Cerqueto reveals its unexpectedly abundant technicolour orchid trail, with sublime views of Abruzzo’s “Sleeping Giant” the Corno Piccolo

Abruzzo’s Locust with Blossom Road Trip

It’s a short display, some 14 days, but the long & slender Locust Trees lining roads under Abruzzo’s Corno Grande create the ultimate blossom-lined road trip

Violas vie with the Purple Haze for Vado di Corno’s Crown

The beginning of May behoves tiptoeing thanks to the carpet of crocus flowing across what appears to be a high valley garden up at Vado di Corno

Keeping Abruzzo Green –Nominate for an Ocean Hero Award

Our fight to keep the low quality sticky oil under Abruzzo’s seismic mountains, plains and coastline continues but we need a little bit of a helping hand!

The Gorgeous Gorge of Salinello & Castel Manfrino

It’s funny the facts you can find out walking in Abruzzo, in Salinello Gorge the stalks from the giant fennel were the whipping stick of choice for Romans

Roccamorice’s Bella Vista Clad Snow Walk

Roccamorice’s road to Eremo di Santo Spirito hermitage winds round the mountains & is often snowed over in winter, but it makes a stunning mountainside walk

Blowing your Bramble Trumpet

Our Abruzzo Bramble Jewels photograph has been picked by The Guardian as one of the Best Environment Reader Photographs for 2010!

An Abruzzo Bear & Wolf Paradise Lost?

Walking alongside bear & wolf trails won’t soon be an option in the Fioio Valley if proposed road building commences by the Lazio town of Camerata Nuova

Decontra – Worth Visiting for a Post Sunday Lunch Walk

Decontra has some of the of the most incredible Maiella mountain vistas from a Pescara mountain village, so if you like walking in Abruzzo, it’s time to visit

If you go Down to the Woods Today – Hunting in Abruzzo

Hunting in Abruzzo Italy is one polemic subject with as many vocal “fors” & “againsts” as any other country in the world

The People’s Ethical Oil Win in Abruzzo Italy

Mediterranean Oil and Gas plc’s project to drill Ombrina Mare has been refused approval by Italian authorities, after protracted protests by residents

Frattoli’s Dizzy Gastro Walking

Stunning vistas, gastronomic delights and gently rambling walks is something that Frattoli does superbly well tucked up high opposite Abruzzo’s Prato Selva

Pietracamela to Intermesoli…and Back Again

The Abruzzo town of Pietracamela en route to ever-popular resort Prati di Tivo, is renowned for its summer hikes, particularly good is one down to

Little Miss Muffet & the Great Big Abruzzo Wasp Spider

Furry things with four legs like wolves and bears get a lot more coverage in Abruzzo than this recent I Spy with my little eye a Wasp Spider

Abruzzo Flower Power – Naked Man & Lady Orchids Uncovered

Abruzzo’s flower power is extraordinary; throughout May uncover Naked Man (Orchis Italica) go gaga over the ampled thigh Lady Orchids

Erba Sulla – Abruzzo’s Sweetest Mountain Crop

Sulla, not just a memorable Roman General that Plutarch wrote about & Mozart composed operas around, but the name of an even greater sweetly-fragranced crimson flower

Oil – The Travesty of Abruzzo’s Budding Tourism

There has been a lot of demonstrating in Abruzzo recently against the central Italian government, now it’s Abruzzo’s fight to stop oil drilling in the region

Italy’s May Poppy Riot in Abruzzo

It’s rare when the most common is everyone’s favourite, but this is the case with poppies in Abruzzo, Italy even when facing stiff competition from orchids

No to Oil in Abruzzo Says George Clooney Director Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijin, Director of George Clooney’s current film ‘The American’ that was shot in Abruzzo, has joined the environmental campaign ‘No Oil Abruzzo’

Walking the Heart of Abruzzo –The Corno Grande

Walking the heart of Abruzzo has to involve the Corno Grande Mountain at some point; that effortlessly wears its craggy 2-million-year lifetime without vanity

The Fight Against Oil to Protect Abruzzo

December’s Copenhagen Environment Summit is fast approaching, as is the year 2010 and the battle to halt the oil giants’ proposed carve-up of Abruzzo

The Campo Imperatore Imperative

A must for visitors to Abruzzo is Campo Imperatore in the Gran Sasso National Park, partly famous as Abruzzo’s largest & highest Alpine meadow

Walking Cesacastina’s Valley of 100 Waterfalls

Cesacastina is a small village situated in Teramo’s Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga National Park tucked underthe peak of C.le d. Pietra that rises 1683 masl

Abruzzo Walk with Weasles & Woodpeckers

One recommended Abruzzo gentle springtime valley walk, tracing the footsteps of Lucrezia Borgia no less, is around the nature reserve of Fiume Fiumetto

An April Abruzzo Bee Buzz

It felt like Abruzzo’s bees were out in force the first week of April. Other countries report that they expect the bee population to soon potentially be extinct

Walking Abruzzo Berryland

Walking in Europe’s biggest parklands; a carpeted woodland of Abruzzo in winter is a scramble of textures & colours

Parklife in Abruzzo

Creepy Crawlies, Boar, Bears & Wolves in Abruzzo: Although no mosquitoes up in the mountains there’s little things to watch out for whilst on holiday in Abruzzo

Prati di Tivo Walk

From April-June hit the ski-slopes of Prati di Tivo, “senza neve”, and find wonderful walks amongst verdant bejewelled pastures & cascading waterfalls

The Corno Grande – Italy’s Rocky Heart

Overlooking our cottage in Bascianella and part of the Gran Sasso Mountain range is Italy’s highest Apennine mountain, ‘The Corno Grande’ (nicknamed Italy’s Rocky Heart)