Life in Abruzzo Food & Travel Guide

All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion

Conservation & Keeping Abruzzo Green

Help Save the Aventino River in Exchange for a Holiday in Abruzzo

Help Save Otto and the Aventino River in exchange for dinner, rafting and holiday in Abruzzo Italy

Act Now to Save Abruzzo’s Bears

Only 1.3k people of Abruzzo’s 1.3 million population have endorsed its local bear charity: help build awareness where locals are failing Abruzzo’s bears

Careful Bears on the Road, Road Safety for Abruzzo’s Bears

Abruzzo’s bears new fighting chance with the Careful Bears on the Road Campaign by their new champion Salviamo l’Orso (Save the Bears) assocation

Save the Aventino River

Abruzzo’s last unharnessed river, the Aventino faces being reduced to a trickle through new hydo-electric plans

Ticking Oil Bomb over Bomba

Bomba is still threatened by Forest Oil Corporation’s ticking oil time-bomb wielded by the silent and still undecided Italian National & Abruzzo Regional govts

Keeping Abruzzo Green –Nominate for an Ocean Hero Award

Our fight to keep the low quality sticky oil under Abruzzo’s seismic mountains, plains and coastline continues but we need a little bit of a helping hand!

An Abruzzo Bear & Wolf Paradise Lost?

Walking alongside bear & wolf trails won’t soon be an option in the Fioio Valley if proposed road building commences by the Lazio town of Camerata Nuova

The People’s Ethical Oil Win in Abruzzo Italy

Mediterranean Oil and Gas plc’s project to drill Ombrina Mare has been refused approval by Italian authorities, after protracted protests by residents

Oil – The Travesty of Abruzzo’s Budding Tourism

There has been a lot of demonstrating in Abruzzo recently against the central Italian government, now it’s Abruzzo’s fight to stop oil drilling in the region

No to Oil in Abruzzo Says George Clooney Director Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijin, Director of George Clooney’s current film ‘The American’ that was shot in Abruzzo, has joined the environmental campaign ‘No Oil Abruzzo’

The Fight Against Oil to Protect Abruzzo

December’s Copenhagen Environment Summit is fast approaching, as is the year 2010 and the battle to halt the oil giants’ proposed carve-up of Abruzzo