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Stirring Polenta

A Humorous Abruzzo Life in Miniature

by Sam Dunham

Making Salsicca

Bravo Bellante’s Dino Di Silvestre for his hand carved and whittled wonderful take on   (La Vita Contadina in miniatura), I love the stern ladies, such expression, they’d make someone a great cover.

Outside of viewings at local , available by appointment only, tel 346 5178244.

Stirring Polenta

Making Pasta

Through the Bar Doors





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Zoë B
Zoë B

These are wonderful! Especially the character in some of the faces. Grazie mille for posting this – have never seen these before.


They\’re absolutely superb, I can\’t imagine how long it took him to create them, this is just a fraction it was 3 tables big especially and making them all move too, ie the pasta ladies rolling backwards and forwards etc.