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Linking Abruzzo – Valentine’s Edition

by Sam Dunham
Abruzzo WInter

Proposal Spots in Winter

Our fortnight’s snapshot of .  Rather than love, it’s a little overtaken by politics & sports but there is a lovely biscuit blog to check and cook for a special one, or to treat yourself to if you are single.  Our attention was drawn to them by some comments on how one type of biscotti were called “bocca di ‘dama,” or, literally, “the lady’s mouth” in   – which we think is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I dolci’ for Valentines:

Can you resist an Italian treat on the Day of Love, read more.


We recently had polenta on the board at  La Rocchetta – wonderful, and makes a great sharing, tactile Valentine’s dinner if you are overdrawn.  Eleonora’s Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino is one of our favourite & most beautiful blogs and in this article she gives a for a variation of the polenta on a board theme –  Salsicce e Spuntature, read more.

Berlusconi ally Guido Bertolaso Accused of Swapping Contracts for Sex

Massimo Cialente, the Mayor of L’Aquila, said he was disgusted that businessmen allegedly involved in the G8 scandal had been overheard in the telephone taps discussing the profits to be made from earthquake reconstruction in Abruzzo.  What can we say but “megagalactic”!  Super new word but so sad… what is it with Italy’s top politicians about keeping it in their trousers and each deal having to involve a sexual favour,  read more?


European Investment Bank’s Commitment to Restoring L’Aquila & Others Affected by the Earthquake

To help those most affected by the earthquake, the European Investment Bank is loaning up to 200 million euros to small businesses and to set up an urban regeneration framework, here’s the basic plan for what some of that money will be used for,  read more.


10 Months on, Italian Quake Capital Still an ‘Empty City’

“But statistics provided by the civil protection agency leave out some 30,000 people who have simply left the area,” Carlomagno said. This is just one of the reasons that the European Investment Bank’s funds are needed and we all need to keep the profile of those who suffered in the media,  read more.

Learning to Sing in Abruzzo

The Abruzzo hills are alive with the sound of was reported by the The Times Online.  They went for singing lessons down in Barrea – how cool,  read more.


Follow the Herd

The Guardian’s Observer on Sunday recently went down to meet one of very favourite Abruzzo shepherds and cheesemakers Nuncio at La Porta dei Parchi, of course you can always read our interview with him  and his staff too, but it gets to the essence of a wonderful walking in Abruzzo following in the footsteps of the Transumanza,  read more.

Kite 2010 in Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italia

Monte Freddo ridge at the top of the Monte Magnola gondola on skis with a kite, what an amazing sport so breathtaking and organic, would love to do if only I was brave enough – watch the video for some great scenes of kite-skiing in Abruzzo,  watch.

The Giro d’Italia

Calling all spectator cyclists – this is the time to visit Abruzzo – when the Giro visits the region by enthusiast About Abruzzo,  read more.

Abruzzo the Enchanted Region

Eleonora writing again!  She recently worked on the Anton Corbijin directed film with George Clooney in Abruzzo – read about her subsequent love affair with the region,  read more.

Where & Why to go Painting in Abruzzo

One artist, Pamela Allegretto writes about her favourite areas to paint in Abruzzo for those thinking of packing their paints and visiting the region,  read more.

The Madonna Hospital

No nothing to do with Madge but rather where the pieces of art are being restored, this is where the pieces of art are being restored from the earthquake,  read more.

No Oil Abruzzo

Berlusconi ‘s govt sadly last week over-rode Abruzzo regional law for a halt in the mining & drilling of oil, one does have to wonder if with one hand he helps the region and on the other he takes away a sustainable future for the people that live there.  The blog is in Italian and written by Professor Maria D”Orsona  who has helped lead the campaign to stop a pristine area of Abruzzo being swallowed up by the oil giants. If you don’t speak it try Google Translator, it is disturbing to say the least especially the silence of the Abruzzo President who is a member of the ruling Forza Party,  read more.

All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog
All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog