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Meltdown – An Ice-Cream Meditation Moment

by Sam Dunham
Chocolate Ice-cream

Pink Grapefruit Gelato

When the going gets sticky and the temperature nudges 40°C you know it’s time to hit the parlour, perhaps one of my favourite Italian inventions. To be able to go, sit and decadently gorge on something sweet without feeling guilty, just enjoying the sense of relief that a delicious chilled or chocolate rush brings, is one of the best simple joys known to man, thank you Italia!

Like and the world as a whole there aren’t too many ‘home-made’ gelateria/ parlours left anymore in , but we were introduced today to one today in the small town of San Vito just up the road from the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere and at the top of the Trabocchi Coast, it’s called Copa d’Ora and it’s been busy churning since 1940, their ices were sublime. I think their pink grapefruit one is going to be my gelato of 2011, its refreshing tartness hit all the right spots, as well as its unusual creaminess… no sorbet end for this citrus fruit.

Sadly we can’t all sit in an ice-cream parlour all day, so for when the going gets hot here’ my ice-cream meditation is to sit and think chilled thoughts too.

Chocolate Ice-cream

Zuppa ingleseNocciola

Copa De Dora GelateriaCopa De Dora Gelateria | Via Nazionale Adriatica 10 |  San Vito Chietino |  Chieti 66038

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John Capista 30/04/2013 - 15:48

I am a Canadian who's has been there. Copa de Dora. The best ice cream on planet earth. My father is from abrazo and I have been their a dozen times. I am trying to get get the ice cream rights for Toronto. Do u have a number for Copa???

LifeInAbruzzo 30/04/2013 - 21:04

I\’ve just looked in local business directories online and crazily can only see their address and telephone number. Next time I am in the area I\’ll drop by and see if they\’ll give it to me

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All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog