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The Perfect Bank Holiday Beach

by Sam Dunham
Giulianova Beach

Giulianova Beach

Giulianova , TE,

Looking for an uncrowded beach for the English August Bank but want something a little more interesting than Brighton or Scarborough & don’t fancy the drive down to Devon & Cornwall? This is just part of one of the private at Giulianova (TE, Abruzzo) over this weekend and as you can see it’s deserted (hence the parasols down) and lucky for everyone just a 50 minute drive (on a bad day!) from Airport.

It may not be the Caribbean or South East Asia but if you’re looking for somewhere to dip your toes into soft yellow sand, swim in warm, green waters whilst being able to walk out on the sandbanks (which of course is always a winner for the kids) it’s more than adequate for a long weekend away from the office. There are free & private beaches – a private beach means you get hire of a sunbed & parasol (essential for all those pale English skins to take shade under the midday sun and snooze as the average August temperature of 28 C beats down).

Italian Beach Tips

Advantages to a Private Beach

Expect to pay 10 euros (cash) per day for a parasol & sunbeds for 2 people

Beach Good Form
Always approach the Bagnino (LifeGuard) Parasol before taking a parasol/lounger otherwise you will be kicked off the ‘private beach’ for bad form and “disrespect”. They have a whole weekly mapped out on who has which parasol for which day and don’t presume because it is vacant at the time of viewing it’s yours for the day…

Italian August Bank Holiday!

This isn’t the same as the UK – it’s the 15th August – Assumption Day/Assunzione – don’t go the week before this or the week afterwards – this is the most popular time for Italians themselves to go on holiday – it will be jam packed!

Useful Italian Beach Vocab

The – Il mare
The Beach – Spiaggia
Sand – Sabbia
Parasol – Parasole
Sunbed – Letto(i)

All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog
All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog