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Prati di Tivo

Prati di Tivo in the spring

Prati di Tivo after the snow

For those looking to hit the -slopes at Prati di Tivo but without the snow and concentrate instead on amongst its Apennine meadow flowers, the best time to visit is from the end of April through to the end of June.

There is a great 2 hour ramble that leads from the base hotel at what will be an almost deserted ski-resort (there is 1 bar that remains open throughout the year – nothing special, but great to get a beer after your ).  Anyway park at the bottom of the resort, there will be 2 hotels that have been shut up for the months if you are in the right spot.  Walk back up slightly and on the right you will see a sign indicating a footpath that leads up over the mountain to a small waterfall.  It’s great feeling to have walked somewhere you have ski-ed previously!

Web cam of Prati di TivoThe mountain itself looks like a fantastic cross between a giant kopje (like a lion’s den in Africa) and the cover of the Goldfrapp album Felt Mountain.  You will walk through a silent wood where all sound is cushioned by dead leaves, pine needles and a mass of silver trunks, quite eerie when is usually one mass of birdsong.  On upwards you come out into what feels like the heart of the Gran Sasso Massif where hillside rockslides look like petticoats in dolomite & limestone lace.  The waterfall isn’t massive but it’s a pleasant pinnacle for an easy walk of varying textures that would provide some great black & white photographs for someone of that ilk.

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