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Real Men Blowdry – An Arrosticini Classic

by Sam Dunham


Skewer me down or should that be spiedini, my was spent in finding the perfect from Abruzzo to London,  juicy succulent tender mouthfuls of grilled castrato, the meat obviously not the ball-less singer!

I’ve seen quite a few ways outside the traditional fornacella to cook arrosticini over the summer, from a donor kebab like machine which you stick in the skewers horizontally to grill to an electric grill that turns the skewers and blows what seems a  fragrance of barbecue coal.

I think for sheer effort the traditional fornacella and a certain Signor at ’s wins hands down, but for tender tastiness I am actually going to award Terra Vergine, London’s first and only Abruzzese , meat sourced from Abruzzo, a prize for the most amazing arrosticini.  Their new fangled kebab like machine may be far from traditional and it’s often a fact that it’s difficult to improve on classic but I’d say they’ve done it.

Photography  ©Lucciola.me