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Gilda's Peperoncini

Sod the Geraniums Colour Me Peperoncini & Dulce

by Sam Dunham

Gilda's Peperoncini

No matter how much I appreciate the blast of softened colour that geraniums force into a harsh white light, I love even more the swags of wizened  peperoncini and dulce peppers toasting in the sun above doors, their introduction to skins wrinkling up to create a textural dream.

My neighbour Gilda’s have been drying for at least 10 days and I enviously looked today as I prepared perhaps the only time in the year to think about getting acquainted with a needle and thread to begin infilare. Stringing those peppers together to sun dry is a must-do especially as, being a relatively new Mum, if you want spicy the only way you’re going to get it is to add a teaspoonful into your own dinner from that precious jar of peperoncini oil that is so much tastier when home-made.

I haven’t ever experimented with the bull horn dulce also known as  Corno di Toro, next year perhaps! Gilda’s gorgeous sounding dulce pepper tips were to add one into your oil when making French Fries and crumble into a jar of sardines and leave overnight…

Photography © Lucciola.me