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Swallowtail Abruzzo

Swallowtails Amazing

by Sam Dunham

Swallowtail AbruzzoSomething that we rarely see in our small village in are glorious Swallowtail Butterflies.  In Italian they’re called and there are supposed to be 9 varieties across the country.

I’ve put their absence down to the caterpillars loving fennel & carrot and my neighbours being exemplary debuggers on their orto and smallholdings; perhaps the recent heatwave has meant their energy downtime has given a welcome lease of life to these gentle flitting through the high meadowland around Bascianella.  Now to find out where all the Hummingbird Moths have gone to which are normally plentiful but this year I haven’t seen one.

Swallowtail Butterly BascianellaSwallowtail Butterly Bascianella

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Pictured one of these today (29/7/12) in Citta Sant’ Angelo.
Very pretty and made me grateful for all the beautiful wildlife we have here