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Castel del Monte

The American Shoot Locations

by Sam Dunham

Castel del Monte on the Night of the Witches

“Location location location”, the phrase that so many Abruzzo, George Clooney & The American buffs have been drooling with increasing volume & vigour this week, inspired by the scenic hot spots used for the film.

Eleonora Baldwin, who worked as Continuity Editor during the film as well as Editor for Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino obliged us with the full list and a little about her favourite location spot a world away from her hometown of Rome:

| Castelvecchio | | Introdacqua | Calascio | Sagittario River by Corfinio | Roads between Castel del Monte &  S. Stefano di Sessanio | Pacentro – (Taverna Caldora | Parco Gran Sasso – Madonnina (Campo Imperatore)| Roads around Farindola | Anversa | Road to Cocullo

“My favourite has to be Castel del Monte! Not only because it was the base from which we travelled from during most of the filming, but also because it was so pure, so real and authentic. I felt enamoured by its stark beauty and the simplicity of its daily life. The location was chosen because of its arches and narrow flights of cobblestone steps leading to small doorways, and the odd-shaped courtyards that squeezed in teeny stone churches. The town was a perfect medieval labyrinth, but then, beyond the tight maze of alleys, suddenly bold and towering lines of jagged pinnacles with snow-capped peaks and starry skies above; winding country roads flanked by steep hills, and the breathtaking explosion of autumnal colours. Wolves, foxes and owls; sweeping views that made me feel like a soaring eagle…

“But Castel del Monte was not only eye candy, I loved it because the warmth of the people and the embrace with which they accepted our travelling circus, was overwhelming. I love the Abruzzesi, and the Castellani are no exception. They appear austere and stern at first, but they are capable of monumental hospitality and generosity. It was heartwarming to see how–despite the hardships brought by the April 2009 earthquake – these were amongst the most fun-loving folk we had ever met. I lived in a family run b&b, and it felt like family. I knew everybody’s name by week two. I knew the town like the back of my hand and, for the first time in ages, I felt like I belonged.”

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Maurizio Calabrese

I'm from Abruzzo. I'm living on the coast near Pescara .My town is Francavilla al Mare and i'm very happy for the choise of Abruzzo locations for the film "The American" I met George last summer in Sulmona during the shoots and I think he is one of the best american actor. My wife and I, we are George fans and so this evening we will going to see the film. On my Facebook site you can see the nicest pictures of Abruzzo location where i visited and so i made a lot of shots with my photocamera. It was… Read more »

Chef Chuck

That was a great choice for location of this film!! I will be going to see this film soon! Thank you for all you do:)


Thank you Sammy. So six days after opening in US/Canada, The American is #1 at the box office!

Ciao from Roma,