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Time Wasting

Tip on Abruzzo ATMs

by Sam Dunham

Time Wasting
There does seem to be an issue at the moment with the Link network of in . Over the last few months 3 out of 5 times we have visited to use ATM/cash machine at banks, and post offices, the Link network has been down, leaving us careering about trying to find the nearest location where a local Link connection and thus an ATM is working.

It is not just the deep countryside, the same has happened when we have been in cities like and towns like . So that you don’t waste time and petrol, it is probably always advisable to take a little more out than you need  and keep it as a standby.  This is just case you run into this problem and you find yourself in the scenario of  finding out that an agriturismo doesn’t accept payment by card or their card reader is down, driving to the local ATM, finding that the Link network is down and then having to drive miles to find another live ATM in order to pay for your meal!

Cashback has sadly yet to arrive in Abruzzo when you can shop and get money out using your card when you pay, and there are still many stores, agriturismi and small outside the main towns who do NOT yet take cards and will only accept cash…