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Agriturismo Viola, Tossicia

by Sam Dunham

Agriturismo Viola

Viola in “greater” Tossicia is our nearest food-serving .  It is approximately 4km away, a 5-minute drive or, if you are interested in building up an appetite, a 2-hour walk each way (max, for those that like to dawdle, bearing in mind partly uphill).  For those that love impressive sunsets, this road provides the best setting and light for panoramic photograph opportunities over the Gran Sasso Mountains, the Corno Grande, Corno Piccolo and the Montagna di Campli out beyond .

Back to the Agriturismo Viola, do try and phone or drop by earlier in the day to find out if they are open that evening (after 8.30pm), never assume!  Unusually, they don’t have a set day closed that we have been able to ascertain, but it does it seems depend on how the owner Marco Di Gianlleornardo is feeling – we could be wrong!

It’s quite a large lofty dining area that I am not sure they would ever fill, apart from for a or similar. However, it is nicely decorated in a traditional manner, with bright cheerful paintings of local agricultural and pastoral scenes including farmers and shepherds of the region, providing a pleasant focus for the eye and diluting slightly the sense of being “Lost in Space”…

Food here is the typical antipasti of a couple of cold cuts, prosciutto, local and a soft rather nice young pecorino cheese.  They do have wonderful whole-wheat bread to accompany which does make a change from the usual white.

Ravioli al dente

The agriturismo has a good range of traditional sauces – truffle, sugo, bosciola (bosca means wood so is a mixture of mushroom, peas & minced pork).  types offered are fettuccine, chittara and ravioli.  All very good, though none really surpassed that we have had elsewhere…we like al dente ravioli, but found it here to be a tad too chewy…

Meat is very good, but humongous amounts! In some ways it is almost better to forgo the pasta really due to the size of the portions.  Unusually it is the first time in Abruzzo in 5 years that someone has actually enquired how we would like our steak cooked!  It was nice to be given the option for once as I have to say the Abruzzese are fond of well-done meat (my Mum loves it), but I prefer medium rare than charcoaled. Also nice to have well-made roast potatoes for a change too…


Quality of Food:  8/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Cost: 18 euros per head including coffee and digestif.

Restaurant Details

Address: C. da Viola, Tossicia,  64049 (TE)

Telephone: 0861-698370

No official website or email

All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog
All about Abruzzo in a slow travel & food blog