What’s On in Abruzzo

Explore & absorb Abruzzo’s mountains and coastline with our guide to the best of local events  #WhatsOnAbruzzo, this week, next week and coming months whether you are in the mountains or by the coast.

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Le Virtù @ Teramo Province
May 1 all-day
Le Virtù @ Teramo Province

This is the traditional spring clean Teramana soup feast that takes 48 hours to cook.  Check with local restaurants to see if they are serving it, it will normally require booking.  Read our article Virtues of Le Virtu – Teramo’s Tasty Spring Clean Soup  on the history  of the soup and a cheat’s recipe.

La Festa di San Domenico & Snake Festival @ Cocullo
May 1 @ 12:00 – 21:00

Abruzzo’s most famous festival!  The small town of Cocullo (AQ) celebrates its patron saint San Domenico through an ancient snake festival.

Read our article ‘Getting Slippy at the Cocullo Snake Festival.

Ortona, la Festa del Perdono @ Ortona
May 5 @ 15:00 – May 7 @ 23:30

The Festa del Perdono in Ortona is a historical re-enactment  which has taken place since the first pardon was granted by Pope Sixtus IV on 5 July 1479 with the first bull, Pastoris aeterni. 

Your sins are forgiven if you visit  the cathedral in the city of Ortona  where Thomas the Apostle lays.

Processione delle Verginelle @ Rapino
May 9 @ 11:00 – May 10 @ 01:00
Processione delle Verginelle @ Rapino | Abruzzo | Italy

Rapino celebrates la Festa della Madonna di Carpineto and the miracle of the rain. An ancient earth rite that straddles Italic worship of the Goddess Ceria Giovia and Catholism. Today the procession’s ‘angioletti’ (angels) are both boys and girls, who are followed by Verginelle (Virgins), only women dressed in pink adorned with gold, that are followed by men called ‘Pagetti’ and the remaining girls (daughters of Mary) dressed in white and blue. read more here – http://www.dailyslow.it/la-processione-delle-verginelle-ra…/

Bucchianico, La Festa dei Banderesi @ Bucchianico
May 23 @ 19:00 – 21:00

The feast of Banderesi is a historical-folkloric re-enactment that takes place every year in Bucchianico  which commemorates the town’s military victory against Chieti thanks to  St. Urbano. The  highlight of the festival is the famous ‘Ciammaichella’, a long parade of thousands of people moving through the streets of the city. The parade is led by the ‘Sergentiere’ and the ‘Banderese’ followed by the Banderesi who, dressed in red and light blue, have the honor of carrying on their shoulders the relics of St. Urbano and the municipal flags

Cantine Aperte @ Multiple Wineries
May 25 – May 26 all-day
Cantine Aperte @ Multiple Wineries | Abruzzo | Italy

The fabled weekend when the majority of wineries across Abruzzo open their cellars for tastings and give tours for a small fee.

See the list of participating 2018 cantine at the Movimento Turismo Vino Abruzzo

Rocca di Mezzo, Festa del Narciso
May 26 @ 15:30 – 23:30

Rocca di Mezzo’s stunning floral procession is celebrated on the last Sunday of May each year when all types of Narcissus are in bloom on the slopes that surround Rocca di Mezzo.



Raiano Cherry Festival/Sagra delle Ciliegie @ Raiano
Jun 2 @ 15:30 – 23:30

Sunday is the best day of Raiano’s cherry festival when the official market of cherries opens, followed by its colourful folk procession throughout the small town at 15.30.   Live music is on with gastronmic stands each evening of the 3 day event.  Read our review, Cherries & Dressing up at Raiano.


Scanno Procession of the Mules, Logs & Bread @ Chiesa S Antonio di Padua
Jun 15 @ 18:30 – Jun 16 @ 23:45

Scanno’s baroque church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua and is the focal point of a historic tradition that celebrates the town’s pastoral past which gave thanks for the town’s shepherds safe return from Puglia where they had spent the winter with their flocks.

Historically logs were bought by the local community to the church for the Priest to bless carried by oxen and mules for the Franciscan brothers that lived in the monastery nearby, today, although there are still mules and a couple of oxen expect to also see tractors with garlands wound round them as part of the procession. Bread is carried by the women to the church where it is blessed and distributed among the community after morning mass on the Sunday.

For the procession of the mules arrive by 18.00 for a good position on the Saturday evening. For the procession of blessed bread arrive by 09.00 am on Sunday. Live music and food stalls are available throughout the event.

The Feast & Fire of S. Giovanni @ Barisciano
Jun 23 @ 20:00
The Feast & Fire of S. Giovanni @ Barisciano | Barisciano | Abruzzo | Italy

The town of Barisciano invites you to spend the shortest night of the year together and discover how traditionally this night of magical rites was spent by jumping the fire!

During the evening you can eat sausage sandwiches, roast meat and bruschetta and drink beer!”The night of San Giovanni (St John the Baptist) has always been considered “magical”: a moment of passage, a prelude to an important event of rural life, the harvest. A fundamental, cleansing element of these rites was fire that traditionally drove away the darkness and with it the evil spirits, witches and demons wandering in the sky. ”

Highly recommended, read our post here Barisciano, San Giovanni & Great Nuts of Fire