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Abruzzo Donatus Buongiorno

Where in the World of ‘Abruzzo’…

by Sam Dunham

Abruzzo Donatus Buongiorno

One of our NY based readers, Janice Carapellucci whose family are originally from , bought this painting at auction as it was by another one of her artist relatives, , who was born in Solofra, Avellino, in 1865, and who lived in Napoli and New York from the 1890s up to his death.

Titled ‘’ no one has yet been able to identify where it actually is in !  The Byzantine-style campanile with the onion dome should be a clue but so far…niente…

For anyone that can correctly identify the town in question, or knows any other pertinent information about the artist, they will earn a reward!  Janice will take them to dinner at the finest of their choosing when she is in Abruzzo next year!

Come on “Life in Abruzzo,” readers, show us your expertise and get whisked out for a slap-up Abruzzo dinner!

The Winner! Katia di  Simone from Culturetracks

“The painting “Abruzzo” is based in Venafro (Molise) and it is called Chiesa dell’Annunziata. Once Abruzzo and Molise formed one region hence the reason why the painting is called “Abruzzo”. You can see more photos on the following website